How To Check If A Phone Number Is Busy Without Calling


Calling the person is the best to know if they are busy on another call. But is it possible to check if a phone number is busy without calling? Let’s find out today. 

Ever tried calling someone just to check if their phone number is available or busy at that moment? Or have you stopped calling a person just because their number has always been busy?

Well, you can find this out simply by calling them. But, if you want to find out if their phone number is busy or not without calling them, it is possible as well.  

In this article, I have explained all the possibilities to check how to check if a phone number is busy without calling them. 

And guess what? I have also discussed some cool tricks to make your phone number unreachable to irritating souls.  

Is It Possible To Check If A Phone Number Is Busy Without Calling? 

No, it is not possible to test if the phone number is busy or not without calling. You will have to call that particular mobile number to know if the other person is on a call or not. 

Numerous people ascertain that it is possible to find it on Whatsapp by calling that person; however, it only shows either calling or ringing. 

On Whatsapp, if that particular person is talking on another call, then you will be notified by a message stating that the phone number that you are trying to reach is busy. 

However, if the phone number does not have an account on WhatsApp being their main phone number, you have no other choice other than to call them to find out if the phone number is busy or not.

How To Check If A Phone Number Is Busy Without Calling On Mobile? 

On a call - How To Check If A Phone Number Is Busy Without Calling?
Truecaller – On a call status

Though there is no other method to directly know if a phone number is on another call or not without calling them. There is one way to find out if the phone number is busy or not even without having to call them and that’s through Truecaller

Truecaller is an amazing caller-identification app that has over 200 million customers. A lot of individuals have downloaded this app and are very active on Truecaller. By using this app, you will be easily able to find the actual identity of an individual who is calling you. The app also informs you if someone contacts you and if the phone does not buzz. 

But, did you know that Truecaller also indicates to its users if the particular person’s phone is busy or not on another call? This feature was launched recently and lets you find out the actual identity of the particular person and their dialing status, i.e., if they are busy talking on another call or available. 

However, it is necessary to know that if the app is installed on both devices, then only this feature will work. You will have to download the Truecaller app and create a profile for yourself on the app with your phone number and the particular person who you are looking for should also have the app downloaded with a Truecaller ID.

How To Use Truecaller?

First, make sure that the Truecaller app is updated to the latest version. If this is your first time using the app, then you will have to create an account for yourself on the Truecaller app. 

The app will ask you to confirm your phone number either through a message or through a phone call. On the message sent to your phone for number confirmation, an OTP will be available. 

If you have selected the calling method then the app will give you a missed call to your phone number. Now that your account is set up on the Truecaller app, you will be able to find out if or not that particular person is busy or available for a call.

  • Step 1

Open the Truecaller app, after you have registered. Now, you will be able to see the callers list on the app.

  • Step 2

Open the particular person’s message tab. If that person is talking on another call, then you will be able to notice a red dot indicated right at the bottom username.

  • Step 3

If you can see an “on a call” notification that is shown. It indicates that the particular individual is presently on a call with someone else.

  • Step 4

If that particular individual is not talking to another person, then you will be able to see a green light shown below their username along with an “available” notification.

How To Check If A Phone Number Is Busy Without Calling On PC? 

For this method, you will have to use your computer to avoid installing unwanted apps on your phone. For this, the solution is to use a web service to make a call for free.

Through this web service, it is likely to make a call from a fictional phone number or a private phone number, so you need not reveal the identity of your phone number on the display of the receiver or even on the message that he might receive. 

Using this free web service you will be able to make free calls, send messages and even dc free video calls. I will explain the working of this service clearly so that you can make a call from this service to find out if the phone number is busy or not.


You will be able to find many web services that are competent to work on your needs by offering both free and paid services. Globfone is one of those web services that let you make a call for free for a max of 30 seconds from when the call is answered. 

How To Use Globfone?

To use this service, you do not need registration as it is for the goal to check if a phone number is occupied or not. Let us see how to get started with the process. 

  • First, go to the Globfone site to get connected. There will be a board on the right side of the page with the title Free Phone Calls.
  • Enter your name, and select the Next button at the bottom right side corner of the screen.
  • Next, choose the nationality of the phone call receiver’s phone number from the drop-down box of “Select Country”. 
  • Then, enter the phone number along with the prefix in the text box.
  • Press Enter next to the box to finish the ReCaptcha so that you can confirm that you are not a robot and a genuine user.
  • Before starting with the phone call, ensure that the audio is functioning and adjust the volume on your computer to hear well.
  • Now that everything is ready, you can make the call by pressing the “Call button” at the bottom.
  • Stay for a few minutes until the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) call is being prepared, on the right side of the board.

To check if the phone number line is busy or free, listen to the beeps and the audio message that is delivered by the service provider. And also the notification messages that will be displayed on the page.

  • If you can see the word “Ringing”, then, that means that the call is being made. 
  • If the phone line is not free, then you will be informed in some time by automated audio. 
  • Simultaneously, you will be able to see the word “Busy” in red color, which will be shown at the base of the page for a few minutes.

If the phone call is diverted to the answering unit, where you will be able to hear a calling tone. Then, quickly there will be an explanation by the guiding audio in questions, connecting to the service operator that is used by the receiver, which raises the chances of leaving a message.

At last, if the free audio keeps going on, then the phone is ringing. to cut the call, you can just press the red phone mark that is found at the base of the board. 

In all of the above cases mentioned, when the call ends, you will be diverted to a rating page with the different services delivered by Globfone.

6 Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable and Avoid Unwanted Calls

Some people keep their mobile phones busy or not reachable to avoid unwanted calls or calls from spammers. If you want to do so as well, these 6 simple tricks will help.

Flight Mode

Flight or Airplane Mode
Flight or Airplane Mode

This is the simplest and the easiest way to get away from unwanted calls and make your cell phone unreachable. All you have to do is to turn on the flight mode or the airplane mode on your phone. 

This will let the caller know that your phone is unreachable and make them assume that this is caused by a network issue or by some other technical defects on your phone. To do this,

  • Go to the “Settings” app on your phone.
  • On the top of the setting page, you will find the “Flight” or “Airplane mode” option
  • It can also be discovered by long-pressing the phone’s Power button for more than 5 seconds. 
  • When you see the button, enable it and you will be done. 

Forward call

Other methods will make your cell phone unreachable but in this method, the incoming calls to your mobile phone will be diverted to another phone number. This phone number can be any existing phone number or an expired phone number that you are not using. 

To do this, follow these steps. 

  • Just go to the “Call Settings” tab on your cell phone.
  • There you will see the option of “Forwarding Calls”. 
  • Then, enter the phone number that is not in service or a phone number that has expired. 
  • However, you have to keep in mind that the person calling you will be notified regarding the calls being forwarded and might even be able to speculate that this is done on purpose.

Third-Party Applications

You can use any third-party apps available on the market to block unwanted calls being made to your phone. These apps are usually free and are only available for both iOS and Android. 

But their features might vary from gadget to gadget. So, it is safe for you to test them on your mobile phone and see if they are working or not.

Removing The Phone Battery

Removing your mobile phone’s battery without switching it off will make your phone unavailable when a person calls you. This method is straightforward.

Once you take the battery from your cell phone, the mobile phone will automatically switch off. You can check if your phone is reachable or not by simply calling another phone number. 

Make sure that your phone is on while doing this otherwise, the method will not work, as it will say that your mobile phone is switched off.

Aluminum Foil

Cover your cell phone with aluminum foil. It might sound like a foolish DIY idea, but it will work as there will be a network connection issue. As your mobile phone’s radio antenna will not be able to obtain any network, it will become hard for the mobile phone to receive any calls when it is wrapped in aluminum foil. 

Thus, it will leave a message to the caller saying “the mobile number you have dialed is out of the network area; try after some time”. If you are not having aluminum foil, then you can simply try putting your mobile phone in an iron box. This will also work and make your mobile phone unreachable.

Block The Phone Number

Block the phone number
Block the phone number

This last trick will make your mobile phone unreachable very easily but at the same time, this method is also a bit dangerous. The mobile servicer will provide an audio statement saying “the phone number that you have dialed is currently unavailable” when the mobile number is blocked. 

However, a few service providers will inform the caller that the phone number is unreachable as they have blocked it. Preferably, check if the trick is working or not by any of the alternative phone numbers that you have. 

Then, try calling from that phone number to your cell phone to check if it is unreachable or not. If the audio statement delivered is of an unavailable cell phone, then, you can just block the other phone numbers from whom you do not want to receive a call.

To block the calls on your mobile phone, you can utilize the call block feature on your phone. This can be done by following these steps. 

  • Go to the “Recent Calls” tab
  • Choose the phone number you want to block.
  • And click on the three vertical dots on the top right.
  • You will be able to see “Block Phone Number”
  • Select that to block the particular phone number.

You can also use any third-party services to block the calls. This will not make the phone number unreachable, but it will disconnect the calls as soon as the call is made to your mobile number. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you know if someone is on call?

Ans: The availability feature introduced on Truecaller will let you know if someone is on a call or not. If the phone number has a red color dot next to it, then it means that the individual is on another call, or busy.

2. Does WhatsApp tell you when someone is on a call?

Ans: When you are on the phone and if you receive another call, then, your service providers will give you a message that you are getting another call. But only a few VOIP operators support this and WhatsApp does not.

3. What is a Globfone?

Ans: Globfone is a free web service that lets you make free phone calls to anyone around the world. This is possible as it provides a fictional phone number or a private mobile number so that your identity is not revealed to the receiver. 

4. Is Truecaller safe to use?

Ans: Yes, TrueCaller is safe to use. By using the app, you can easily find the identity of the caller’s phone number even if you have not saved it on your phone.


Here you go. Follow these simple tricks to check if a phone number is busy without calling. And also use the tricks to simply make your phone number unreachable. 

The most satisfactory thing about these features is that you don’t even have to call them. Hope this article will come in handy if you want to make your phone number unreachable or when trying to find out if the phone number is busy or not. 

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