How To Delete Naukri Account Permanently – The Best Guide


Are you wondering how to delete a Naukri account permanently after landing your dream job? This article has the answer.  

Founded in 1997 by an Indian businessman, Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Naukri is one of the leading employment websites operating in India and the  Middle East. In layman’s terms, Naukri is an online job portal that bridges the gap between employees and employers. 

But, these platforms do get a bit annoying with all their email once you have got your ideal job. So, deleting or deactivating your Naukri account is one way to escape from all these unwanted emails. 

But how to delete a Naukri account

Read on as I explain how to delete your Naukri account using simple steps. Further, if you want to deactivate your account, I’ve also covered that.

Let’s start without further ado.  

Why Create A Naukri Account In First Place? 

As aforementioned, Naukri is an Indian website that helps individuals find jobs according to their preferences. The job portal has established itself to be very beneficial for job seekers who hire unique talents on the go. 

Below, I have explained some of the advantages of having a Naukri account. 

1. Diverse Employment Opportunities

Diverse job opportunities
Diverse job opportunities

Naukri lets you document yourselves and put all your information on the portal. All the information you enter is saved in your individualized account in Naukri. Jobs from various streams are available that people can apply to. Job opportunities from different companies are also published on the platform.

2. Remote Jobs

Remote jobs via Naukri
Remote Jobs

Naukri has a lot of diverse job opportunities that are posted on the platform by many employers, but they are not that popular in demand. One among them is the remote jobs that are available on the portal. 

These jobs are usually not advertised openly on radios or in newspapers. Naukri creates these kinds of job openings available to many job seekers looking to form from home.

3. Job Openings In Your Inbox 

If you have registered yourself with Naukri, then your profile can be viewed by more than 2.5 lakh employers or even more. And these employers might contact you through email by looking at the details documented by you on your profile.

Note: You must keep your Naukri profile updated with the latest information. 

4. Track Your Applications

Naukri allows you to track the job application submitted to the employers on the portal. By doing this, you can get to the status of your application in the line. It also displays the progression of your job application submitted.

5. Apply To Numerous Jobs Through The App

Naukri has also helped its users by launching its mobile application for different positions. This makes it easy for people to apply for job openings from all around the world. With a few simple clicks, people can apply for numerous jobs using their cell phones.

Delete Vs. Deactivate: Which Is Better? 

If you are looking to hide your profile or want to stop the emails from Naukri for a while, then you can consider deactivating your account. But, if you are thinking of reusing your Naukri account again, then you have to reactivate your Naukri account instantly.

If you want to protect your information for security reasons, you can delete the Naukri account. But, if you delete your Naukri account, you cannot restore it. Moreover, you cannot create a new Naukri account using the earlier email. Hence, keep a note of this. 

Why Delete A Naukri Account Permanently?

In this fast-moving world, it has become necessary for every individual to look for job openings with an outstanding package. Those days job advertisements were limited only to newspapers making it difficult for everyone to access them. 

Now with many platforms like these, it has become more convenient for everyone to find the ideal job that fits their abilities and talents. People looking to get the best job can effortlessly create a Naukri account. 

You need not use your Naukri account again if you have already got your ideal job by using your Naukri profile. But if you do not delete your Naukri account after getting yourself the job, then you will be flooded with emails and notifications of job opportunities that match your qualifications. 

Thus, you will need to delete your Naukri account.

Deleting your Naukri account after landing your ideal job is also essential, as it will make way for other Naukri users to find a job for themselves. The employers might keep reaching you unknowingly, making it difficult for the other users to get the job. Your unavailability will not prevent employers from hiring you. 

So, if you do not need your Naukri account, you must delete it to prevent destroying another individual’s probability of obtaining a fantastic job opening. 

Naukri also sends frequent emails and notifications, and if you get annoyed by it, you can delete your Naukri account to avoid those emails. 

How To Delete Naukri Account Permanently?

Remember that once you have deleted your Naukri account, you cannot recover it again. Due to security reasons, you will have to use a new email to create a new account. Follow these simple steps given below to delete your Naukri account permanently.

Step 1: Go To The Official Naukri Website

  • First, go to the Naukri website and sign in to your account. 
  • If you do not remember your password, select “Forget Password.”

Step 2: Go To Settings

On the right top corner of the page, you will find “My Naukri.” 

Click on My Naukri - how to delete Naukri account permanently

Place your cursor on top of it to find the option “Settings.”

Click on Settings

On the left side of the settings page, you can see many options to help you manage your Naukri profile.

Account – Lets you alter your email, password, and phone number.

Activity Preferences – Enables you to configure the place and salary. 

Block Company – Lets you block companies that you don’t like. 

Step 3: Select The Communication And Privacy

  • Since you are deleting your account, you must choose the “Communication and Privacy” option. 
Click on Communications and Privacy

Step 4: Scroll Down 

On the “Communication and Privacy” page, you can view three different tabs.

  • Immediately looking for a job
  • Not actively looking but open to opportunities
  • Not looking for a job change right now

All these options let you individualize your notification regarding the job ads. Under the “Not looking for a job change right now,” click on “Read More.” From the tab opening, you will get a view to delete your account, 

Click on Read More.

Step 5: Delete The Account 

  • Next to the “Your account will be deactivated for” option will be a drop-down box. 
Click on "Your account will be deactivated for"
  • In that, select “Delete Account.”
Click on Delete Account

After choosing that option, a new page will appear with all the reasons for the deletion.

Step 6: Reason For Deleting

  • Once the tab with all the reasons opens, you can select the apt reason to delete your Naukri account.
Choose any reason as to why you want to delete the Naukri account permanently
  • If you choose “Other,” you must explain the reason for your deletion. 
Select Other if you have another reason to delete the Naukri account permanently
  • After choosing or stating your reasoning, click on “DELETE ACCOUNT,” which is at the bottom of the tab.
Click on DELETE ACCOUNT to delete the Naukri account permanently

Step 7: Click On Delete Account

  • Once you have selected the “DELETE ACCOUNT” button, you will be asked to enter your password on a popup tab that will appear.
  • Enter your password and tap “DELETE ACCOUNT AND SIGN OUT.”

Now your Naukri account is permanently deleted. 

How To Deactivate A Naukri Account?

If you temporarily do not want to use your Naukri account for some time and do not want to receive any emails, you can consider deactivating it. 

You will not get any email once your account is deactivated. Follow these steps to deactivate your account.

  • First, Go to the settings under the “My Naukri” option in the top right corner. 
  • Then, go to the “Communication and Privacy” option on the left side tab on the settings page.
  • Click on the “Not looking for a job right now” tab on the page.
  • Then, click “Deactivate until the next login” from the drop-down box.
  • A pop-up box will open and select the “DEACTIVATE AND LOGOUT” option to deactivate your account temporarily 

Before deactivating your account, ensure to alter the visibility settings so that your profile is invisible to employers. The benefit of deactivating your account is that you can choose from where you quit. 

If your account is deleted once, then reaccessing it is not possible. However, to log onto Naukri again, you have to use a new email id and add your details once again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Permanently Delete My Naukri Account?

Ans: Yes, you can permanently delete your Naukri account. Follow these quick steps to do so. 

1. Go to the Settings under “My Naukri.”
2. Click on the “Communication and Privacy” 
3. Select “Delete Account” under the  “Not looking for a job right now” tab 

2. How Can I Reactivate My Naukri Account? 

Ans: If you have only deactivated your Naukri account, then you can reactivate it by simply logging in to your Naukri account using your email id and password.

3. How Can I Deactivate My Naukri Account?

Ans: If you don’t want to delete the Naukri account permanently, you can deactivate it. To deactivate your account, follow these steps. 

1. On the Settings page from “My Naukri.”
2. Click on the “Communication and Privacy”
3. Click the “Not looking for a job right now” tab
4. Then, click “Deactivate till next login” from the drop-down box.


So, here you go. These were the detailed steps regarding how to delete a Naukri account or just deactivate it if you want to escape from unwanted emails.

I hope this article comes in handy when you are looking to delete or deactivate your Naukri account for some time permanently. You can do it by simply following the above-given steps. 

Do you have anything to ask us? Let’s connect through the comments below. 

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