How To Find Instagram Accounts Near Me


Rolling your eyes over countless websites online to know how I can find Instagram users near me? We have got you covered!

Launched back in 2010, it did not take much time for Instagram to break into the list of top social media networks worldwide, with over one-quarter of the world’s active internet users currently scrolling through the Instagram feed! 

How To Find Instagram Accounts Near Me

Sounds amusing, right?

Like every other social media network like Facebook or Snapchat, Instagram is a great means to connect with amazing folks around you. These can include your school buddies, relatives (if you wish!), and people that inspire you (like Bill Gates or even me). 

To connect with people over Instagram, you must follow them for which you need their exact username. Talking about friends or relatives, you can simply text them over WhatsApp to know their Instagram username to connect in a blink. For inspiring personalities or influencers, a simple search on Instagram will do the job for you. 

But what about that pretty girl or handsome guy you recently crossed the path with and could not resist adding to your followers’ list? 

Ever wondered about this?

What if I tell you it is possible to search for literally anyone on Instagram, even without their username or other details. In this guide, I will show you how to find nearby Instagram accounts. So, let’s dive straight into this. 

How To Find Instagram Accounts Near Me? (Using location!)

It’s nearly impossible to find a stranger you recently interacted with out of nowhere on an insanely popular Instagram without their USERNAME! However, Instagram’s modern algorithm lets you narrow down your search through its built-in location feature. 

Sounds strange? It might! So, let’s discuss this step-by-step. 

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap on the search icon at the bottom of your screen (i.e., the magnifying glass icon) as shown below.
  • Beneath the search bar, you can see five options (if you are using the latest version of Instagram) – Top, Accounts, Audio, Tags, and Location/Places. Tap on Places
  • Now, enter your city name in the search bar.
  • Alternatively, you can tap on the Nearby Places option to choose any exact location for more accurate results. Make sure to turn on your GPS! 
nearby places in instagram

Through this process, you will find posts and stories from that particular city you entered or places nearby. This method generally yields great results provided the person you are searching for has tagged/mentioned the city name or location with the post! (Refer to the attached screenshot below)

nearby places in instagram 2

If yes, they will appear on the search page, otherwise not. 

Pro tip: If you are from a densely populated city or locality, you can try entering your exact address instead of just the city name. Remember – the person you are looking for must lie within your address range for anything to happen. 

How Does Instagram’s “Nearby Places” Feature work?

Suppose you are in a mall at the moment and making stories, reels, or clicking pictures with others accompanying you. Going as per the latest Instagram trend, you are more likely to mention the mall in the location tag before uploading any post on Instagram.  

Now, when you or anyone enters the exact mall’s name in the “Nearby Places” space of Instagram, your post will appear under either the Top or Recent section (refer to the attached screenshot below). 

top & recent section in instagram

While the “Top” section features only those posts that have gathered many likes & comments, the “Recent”, as the name implies, features only the recently uploaded posts. 

How To Find Local Instagram Accounts? (Using Facebook)

Do you have your friends on Facebook, and are they active on IG as well? Once you are clear over this, you can follow them on Instagram even without knowing their IG username. To do so, you need to sync your Instagram account with Facebook or vice-versa. Once done, your entire friends’ list on Facebook will appear as suggestions on Instagram. This way, you can decide to follow your friends on IG or not. 

How To Find Instagram Accounts Through Email?

How is this possible?

Did you think the same after reading how to find Instagram through email? You might have! 

Well, most users often disagree with the fact that it is possible to search for someone on Instagram by email. This, however, is a great mistake. Although you can not use email naturally with the application to look for the target account, it can be used to discover IG accounts via third-party services including Facebook. 

To do so, follow these steps. 

  • Enter the email address on Facebook and find the person there. Send a friend request. 
  • If your friend request is accepted, you can connect to your Facebook account and add the person using the same method.

Note that you can also use an email address directly on the search engine. Try to find out as much information as you can online. This will increase the chances of getting your target’s Instagram account as well.  

How To Find Instagram Accounts By Phone Number?

Can I find an Instagram account by phone number? If you are thinking about it, the simple answer is yes. You can find anyone on IG by phone number if they have linked the same to their profile. 

If yes, follow these steps to use the phone number in your search. 

  • Before proceeding, it is necessary to save the contact number on your device for Instagram to pick it up from there. 
  • When done, head to your IG profile
  • Tap on the three vertical lines at the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
  • Tap on Settings.
  • You will have the Account settings. Tap on it.
account setting in instagram
  • Under the Account section, tap on the Contacts syncing option.
contact syncing in instagram
  • If the Connect contacts option is disabled, enable it. 
contact syncing enable in instagram
  • Congratulations, your contacts have been synced with Instagram. Your contacts will now appear on your Instagram as suggestions. 

So, that is how you can find anyone on Instagram by phone number. 

Why Am I Unable To Find Someone On Instagram?

Are you still unable to access an Instagram account? The following are the possible reasons you might need to consider. 

  • You are entering an incorrect username or name.
  • The account you are searching for has been blocked or deactivated by IG.
  • The person has blocked you on the platform.
  • There are some bugs. 
  • If you are searching via hashtags, Instagram has shadow-banned certain posts of the target user. Hence, you can find them. 

These reasons are often the main culprits in your way. So, keep these in mind while searching for an Instagram account through any means. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What happens when I sync my contacts book with Instagram?

Upon syncing your contacts with Instagram, Instagram will periodically crawl the contacts and store the data in their servers securely. This way, IG will stay updated if there are any new contacts added to the list to recommend you. 

2. Are there any third-party applications to find Instagram accounts near me?

Yes, there are several third-party Instagram account finders available, but they do not work generally. You can give any such app a try though. 

3. How to find Instagram accounts by contacts?

To find Instagram accounts by contacts, you must sync your contacts book with Instagram following the above steps. The app will crawl the contacts and suggest you people to follow if they are on IG. 

4. Does Instagram’s location feature work?

Yes, IG’s location feature work if and only if the target individual has mentioned their location on the post, under the username. If not, the location feature won’t yield the desired results.

5. Is there any other simple way to find an IG account?

Yes, you can contact your and that person’s common friends as well for the latter’s Instagram account username. This, however, is a time-consuming process and works only if you have met the target individual before or have information about their friend’s list. 

To Sum up…

Instagram is a great place to socialize with your friends, relatives, and inspiring personalities if you have their profile name with you. If not, you still don’t need to bother. In this guide, I have discussed the top yet easiest ways to find nearby Instagram users without usernames. 

You can do so either through Facebook, Instagram’s built-in location feature, third-party applications or by syncing your contacts. Go ahead and comment down which method worked for you. 



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