How to Find the IP Address of an Email Sender in Gmail (2022)


Are you wondering how to find the IP address of an email sender in Gmail? If so, you can not afford to miss this article! 

Google Mail or just Gmail is a free email service from Google! Besides the basic email tasks, Gmail is your one-stop solution for tasks such as blocking spam mails, creating an address book, and much more. While Gmail might be better than other email platforms such as Yahoo and Hotmail in several ways, it languishes when it comes to allowing users to find an IP address from the email

How to Find the IP Address of an Email Sender in Gmail

Both Yahoo and Hotmail include the IP addresses of the email sender in the header for the recipient to know the location of the sender. However, this is not the case with Gmail as it hides this information to uphold anonymity! Still, you need not worry as there are several other ways to find the IP addresses of an email sender in Gmail. Let us discuss this and much more in detail below. 

Why Should I Track A Gmail IP Address?

Before getting to how to find the IP address of an email sender in Gmail, you might wonder why I should even track one, right? 

Suppose you just receive one email from an unknown user portraying himself as a service provider. To ascertain faith in the sender and ensure they are safe to work with, you would like to know from where the sender is sending emails from. However, what if the person isn’t what they are claiming to be? What if they are just spamming you with bogus emails? What if they intend to harm you? There are endless intentions behind such emails. 

This is where knowing the location of the email sender comes to your aid. However, as told above, Gmail considers the IP address of its users as a piece of private information and prefers not disclosing it to third parties to value its users’ privacy. Still, there are certain ways as described below to find an IP address from email in Gmail. 

How to Find the IP Address of an Email Sender in Gmail

Here is how you can track Gmail account location

  1. Use any reverse email search service

Hearing this for the first time? Well, email reverse lookup, as the name suggests, allows you to find details of an unknown or suspicious email sender to safeguard yourself from phishing attacks. These details include the sender’s location, full name, photo, contact details, the purpose behind mailing, and much more. 

Some of the renowned email reverse lookup tools for both individuals and enterprises include Social Catfish, CocoFinder, SEON,, BeenVerified, InfoTracer, and Spytox. The working mechanism of all these tools is almost the same – visit their website, enter the target email address, hit the search button to perform a reverse lookup, and it is done. 

If the email reverse lookup does not work in your case, proceed to the next method – social media location tracking. 

  1. Tracking location via social media 

While putting sensitive information like location or email on social media is always discouraged and for good reasons, the same is going to help you track any unknown or suspicious sender. Most people own a social media account with the same name as their email. Thus, you can find them easily. 

To do so, simply start with any popular social media platform like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and search for the target individual’s account through the name in the email.

Note that the possibility of success in this method is 50:50. Furthermore, it hardly works these days as scammers use any random name that might even sound strange in the email. Still, the method can be given a try if nothing else goes your way! 

  1. Inspect the time zone

If you can not find the IP address from the email, you can also resort to the time zone you are receiving the emails from. To locate the time zone of the sender, open the target email and tap/click on the down arrow. Remember that the location is not always 100% correct but precise enough for an estimate. 

  1. Use Wolfram Alpha IP address tracker

The Wolfram Alpha IP address tracker is another completely free tool to locate any email sender. To use it, follow these steps.

  • Open the Wolfram Alpha IP address tracker. 
  • Enter the target IP address in the provided space and hit the Submit button.
find ip address in of email in gmail
  • You will get the location and other details of the sender. 

What If None Of The Above Methods Work?

If an experienced and professional scammer has crossed your path, there are high chances of the above and other methods over the internet on how to find the IP address of an email sender in Gmail falling apart. In such a scenario, you must either report the senders as spam or snooze them for a long period.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. Can I find out where an email was sent from?
  • Yes, you can find out where an email was sent from through the IP address of the sender using any of the above methods. 

    2. What is reverse email lookup?

    A reverse email lookup is a tool or service to figure out the sender of an unknown email address in your inbox and their intentions. Some of the free/paid reverse email lookup tools and services are Social Catfish, CocoFinder, SEON,, BeenVerified, InfoTracer, and Spytox. 

    3. What all kinds of information can I find through reverse email lookup?

    Depending upon the functionality of the tool or service, reverse email lookup can reveal the sender’s full name, photo, contact details, location, social media accounts, and other details.

    To Sum Up…

    There is no one in the world to have not received anonymous emails. While many go straight and unnoticed in the spam box, others may land in your inbox and prove costly if attended without care. This is because such emails may contain harmful links to extract your personal information for misuse. 

    To ensure such emails are not of a similar kind and worth interacting with, you must first take out the sender’s information, especially the location. In this regard, above are the four best methods regarding how to find the IP address of an email sender in Gmail you can give a try. Besides, some tools are also discussed to uncover other useful details such as the sender’s full name, photo, social media accounts (if any), and contact details.

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