How To Bypass File Size Limit On Discord? My 5 Favorite Ways!


Are you done with the 8MB file size limit on Discord? Do you want to send bigger files without the Nitro subscription? Here’s how to bypass the file size limit on Discord

how to bypass discord file size limit

Discord is an instant messaging platform where communities connect via free video calls, chat, voice calls, and more. It’s the premier choice of millions of people across the globe to connect and communicate for various purposes – from professional to personal.   

Besides a quick chit-chat with your gang, you can share pictures, music files, and videos with the entire community you’re a part of. However, there’s a file size limit you must adhere to and that’s merely 8MB! 

If you’re required to send a file greater than 8MB, here’s how to bypass the file size limit on Discord

What Is The Maximum File Size Limit On Discord?  

Discord allows regular users to upload and share files that have a maximum size of 8MB. This file size limit, however, can be expanded by purchasing the Discord Nitro or Nitro Classic subscription.   

The premium service helps you upload file sizes up to 50MB or even 100MB! 

Discord’s Nitro Classic plan for expanding the file size limit up to 50MB costs you $4.99 monthly (and $49.99 yearly) and the Nitro plan for increasing the file size up to 100MB will cost you $9.99 monthly (and $99.99 yearly.)

Discord Nitro Classic
Discord Nitro Classic

If the file size you’re trying to send exceeds 8MB without any premium subscription, a warning message will be prompt on the screen displaying:

Your files are too powerful! How to bypass file size limit on Discord?
Your files are too powerful

Discord subscription package gives a hike to the uploading limit of their members. The boost by the users can lead to the unlocking of the higher upload limits. The boosts by 10 members can unlock the upload limit of 50MB and the boosts by 50 members can lead to the unlock of the 100MB file upload limit.  

Let’s now understand how to bypass the file size limit on Discord.

How to Bypass File Size Limit on Discord?   

If you wish to bypass the file size limit on Discord, you can opt for the aforementioned subscription. Besides, there are other tricks to overcome the same. These are: 

Upload Videos And Images To Imgur 


Imgur is an image hosting and sharing website used to share images and videos for free. You can share your media files for free using this platform. The fascinating feature offered by this platform is its file size sharing limit. The file size limit of Imgur is 200MB. Yes, it is!

The file size offered by Imgur is double the file size offered by the premium account of Discord. The registration on Imgur is free and there’s no image upload limit since 2015. However, the free account displays ads in between but they can also be removed by paying for subscriptions.  

The steps to use Imgur are as follows:

  • Register on to create your Imgur account. Alternatively, you can download its mobile app also.  
  • Move to Imgur.  
  • Click on the New post option.  
  • Upload the preferred media file in the box.  
  • Allot a Title to your file.  
  • Select the posted privacy as Public.  
  • Move back to Imgur’s profile.  
  • Click on the new post.  
  • Click on Share. 
  • Copy the link.  
  • Move to the Discord app.  
  • Move to the Server where you want to share this file. 
  • Paste the copied link.  
  • Send the message along with the file, if any.  

With the help of Imgur, you get to enjoy the benefit of sharing large files among yourself without any subscription costs. The only condition to be satisfied is that the link should be valid.  

Use A Video Compressor  

If you’re sending a large video file on Discord, I recommend using a video compressor. It’ll minimize the size of your video according to the limit required. This isn’t considered a bypass.  

However, note that the compression of videos is a time-consuming process. The process sometimes takes up to 10 minutes. It can be easily shared on Discord after the file is compressed according to the discord file size limit.  

The two most common and popular video file compression sites are:

1. TinyWow

TinyWow - How to bypass file size limit on Discord?

To use TinyWow, follow these steps. 

  • Search for TinyWow on your smartphone or PC.  
  • Find the Compress Video File Size option and select it. Alternatively, open this link: Compress Video File Size
  • Upload your preferred video file or drag it from its storage place.   
  • Start the compression process.  
  • Wait until the website finishes the compression.  
  • Download the compressed file.  
  • Rename the file, if required.  
  • Move to Discord.  
  • Upload the compressed file on the Discord server or channel.   

If the file is compressed according to the file size limit of Discord, it won’t display any further errors.  



Besides TinyWow, there is another great video compressor, i.e., VEED. To use this site, follow these steps. 

  • Visit the official website of VEED from this link
  • Select the Upload Your Video option from the homepage. Or you can also drag and drop the file.  
  • Now, adjust the compression until the file size drops to 8MB or lower (for Discord particularly.) 
  • Once done, select Compress Video. 
  • After the compression is finished, you can either download the video by selecting the Download Video option or edit it through the Edit Video option. 

You can now share the compressed video on Discord.

With the help of the video compressor app, you can easily reduce the file size by using the correct settings.  

Note: You might have some extra videos in your device’s storage that must have been downloaded during this process. You can delete those extra videos.  

3. Send Google Drive Links   

This method of sending large files is preferred for sharing large documents like an entire book. The size of these documents is usually 10 times bigger than the file size limit of Discord. However, this isn’t a preferred method for sharing large video files.  

Google Drive has a tremendous upload limit of 5TB. You need several days for uploading to utilize the entire limit of the Google Drive links. The one-day upload limit of the google drive links is 750GB.     

For PC 

  • Go to your preferred browser and search for Google Drive.  
  • Upload the preferred large-sized file.  
  • Set the Privacy settings as Public.  
  • Generate a link for the file.  
  • Copy the link.  
  • Move to Discord.  
  • Paste the copied link as a message.  
  • Click on Send to send the message.  

For Smartphone 

  • Open Google Drive on your mobile phone.  
  • Upload the preferred large file.  
  • Make sure to switch the privacy settings to Public. 
  • Copy the generated link.  
  • Now, switch to the Discord app on your mobile phone.  
  • Paste the link you copied earlier.  
  • Click on the Send icon to send the message.  

This is the most used method to share the files above the file size of 1GB. Many image hosting services can be used to share large-sized images.   

4. Join Boosted Discord Servers  

Boosted Discord servers
Boosted Discord servers

Another alternative that you can opt for is to search for a boosted Discord server. The Nitro subscription of discord provides an option to boost the server.   

By boosting the server, the upload file size limit increases. It simply unlocks the higher upload limit on the server. A boost by 10 users can lead to unlocking the file size limit up to 50MB and a boost by 50 users can unlock the file size upload limit to 100MB.   

Always look for a server that can be boosted enough to exceed the maximum file-sharing capacity. The existing users of the server can always see your uploaded file. This is the precaution you should keep in mind.  

5. Buy Nitro/Nitro Classic Subscription   

Discord Nitro
Discord Nitro

After analyzing all the above options, if you’re looking for the simplest method to move forward, you can easily purchase a Nitro or Nitro Classic subscription on Discord and share files above the file size of 8MB.  

By buying the Nitro subscription, you can have access to sending the files up to 50MB to 100MB, depending upon the premium package. The subscription package of $4.99 will unlock the file size limit to 50MB and the subscription of $9.99 will give access to share a file up to 100MB.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

1. Why does Discord limit file size?

Ans: Discord limits its file size to a smaller limit to promote the Nitro premium services that unlock the higher upload limits. By limiting its file size, the server of Discord remains safe from the junk from heavy files.  

Moreover, a small file-sharing capacity means no large hardware and storage capacity is required. FYI, Discord handles the data of around 300 million people. It requires more of a workforce to handle and filter out the data shared by its users on the platform.   

Discord has a usual limit of 8MB for file sharing and with the help of subscriptions, the limit can be pushed to 100MB.  

2. What is the file size limit on Discord?

Ans: Discord serves an upload limit of 8MB to regular users. This upload limit can be hiked by purchasing the Nitro Premium services. The Nitro premium services provide two packages.   

The Nitro Classic Plan of the premium services provides access to the upload limit of 50MB for $4.99 and the Nitro Plan gives access to 100MB of file upload limit.  

3. How much is Discord Nitro a month?

Ans: Discord Nitro costs $9.99 per month and $99.99 per year. On the other hand, Nitro Classic is priced at $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year.  


So, that’s how to bypass the file size limit on Discord. It’s a great platform to stay connected. The platform is utilized for personal and professional purposes by the people. The main issue faced by its users is their file-sharing capacity.  

In the above article, I discussed various alternatives that can be used to share large files on this platform without paying. Several bypasses are handy for you to overcome this issue.  

However, note that all these are just alternatives, not the native bypass to overcome the file size limit of Discord. It can also be taken as a manipulation of Discord’s code and conduct which is a breach of their terms of service.

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