How To Find Who Called Me Without Paying; Top 10 Tools


Are you fed up with spam calls or chronic calls from unknown numbers? Here’s how to find who called you without paying for any premium tool. 

Nowadays, a lot of us fall into the hands of scammers and fraudsters who continuously ring us for our personal information. You might also receive calls from telemarketers that waste your time, especially when something urgent has caught you up.

To avoid falling prey to these scammers or telemarketers, you can use a reverse phone lookup service that provides you with information on these numbers. 

In this article, I have highlighted the elements that you need to look out for and also some of the best reverse phone lookup services that provide you with the most accurate results. So, no more scam calls!

Reverse Phone Lookup – An Overview 

The reverse phone lookup is a way of getting information about a person by using their phone number. Many softwares can give you precise information about the person whom you have looked upon on it. 

With these free phone lookup softwares that are available in the market, you can also find recognize the phone number of telemarketers, spam calls, and false callers. The app will search with its database, public records, and search engines to get you all the information about that particular person’s number.

When you enter your 10-digit phone number on the reverse lookup software, it’ll break it into two parts. 

  • The first three digits of the number will determine the:
    • Area code, and
    • Whether it’s a mobile number or a landline number. 
  • The second part will determine the:
    • Name,
    • Email address,
    • Address, and
    • All the other details are available in the public data.

How To Choose The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service? 

There are many things that you have to look upon when choosing the right reverse phone lookup service to get the right information about the number. 

I have mentioned some of the key elements that should be looked out for in a reverse phone number lookup tool. 


Though are no regulations against finding or using the information it is always crucial to know the legal elements of using the reverse phone number lookup tool to access a person’s personal information. Always make sure to get the terms of the service and the guidelines on the usage of the tool

Accuracy & Speed

The reverse phone number lookup service should provide you with accurate and precise information about the phone number. You should also make sure that the information is delivered to you within a short period.

Limits On The Search

Some reverse phone number lookup tools work on subscription models and only some offer only a few free searches in a week or month. Many tools also have hidden costs, different tiers of subscriptions, and also cancellation expenses once subscribed. 

You should always look for the tools that offer the best when paying them for their service. 

Customer Support

This is a non-negotiable element to look for when using a reverse number lookup service. The customer support team must have qualified and experienced professionals who can help you with all your queries immediately at any given point in time.

 Data Type

Always choose the lookup services that provide you with the data that you require because many phone number lookup tools provide services for businesses or personal use. Thus, you have to choose what data you need.

When Do You Need a Phone Number Lookup?

Not all the phone calls that you receive in your daily life are safe, there might be many risks also behind them. However, you might have also missed an important call or a spam call from an unknown number. 

To find out the information about the numbers that you have missed you can use a reverse phone number lookup service.

Scam Calls

Scam calls
Scam calls

Scammers often call you to get your personal information or your bank details by either asking you directly about it or by hijacking your phone lines. However, these lookup services identify the numbers and make it easy for you so that you don’t have to fall prey to them.

Telemarketing Calls

Telemarketing Calls
Telemarketing Calls

These individuals’ only aim is to market a particular company’s product by making numerous calls every day and there are also chances that you might get the same call more than once a day. But, these look-up services recognize these numbers and give you the information of the number so that you don’t have to waste your time on them.

Important Calls From An Unknown Number 

Important calls from unknown numbers
Important calls from unknown numbers

You might get a call from an unknown number that might be from a close friend or known person of yours. If you have missed their number, you can use the lookup service to identify the number by using the information given by it.

How To Find Who Called Me Without Paying? 10 Best Tools

Here are the top 10 top reverse lookup services you can go with without a second thought. And guess what? All these websites are easy to use and return mostly accurate results. So, let’s go through these and learn how to find who called you without paying.

1. CocoFinder 

CocoFinder: How To Find Who Called You Without Paying?

CocoFinder is the most renowned phone number lookup softwares among the other free softwares that are available in the market. To find out the identity of the number, all you have to do is to enter the phone number on the search bar. 

You will get all the information that is available about the number as the app goes through its vast database by checking the candidates who are likely to match the number. The app is secure and it stays under the law in gathering details from publicly unrestricted databases. 

It is very simple to use as any other search engine, making it straightforward to use for individuals who are not very familiar with tech.

2. AnyWho


AnyWho allows its users to find the identity of the unknown callers by immediately looking up who is registered to that particular number. Once you have entered the phone number on the search box, it will do a reverse phone number lookup to get the identity of the number. 

When the match is found, it’ll show the person’s picture, name, and email address.

AnyWho works on its three values – speed, accuracy, and huge resources that make its users feel secure and satisfied with the results. The app has the most powerful features to offer out of all the software, but some of those features come with a price. 

But still, you can make good use of the free search tool that is available on the app. So, AnyWho is another answer to your query – how to find who called me without paying

3. Spokeo


Spokeo is another free reverse phone number lookup service that helps you find the details of the person registered to the number more easily. The app works on a very good algorithm with a huge database of legal sources that gives you the chance of even digging down to the most unrecognizable callers. 

Though Spokeo’s paid features enhance the efficiency of the search, its free version also provides you with plenty of information like name, email address, age, and more. You can also search a person by either entering their name, email address or even by entering their residential address on the home page.

4. Whitepages

Whitepages - How to find who called you without paying?

Whitepages is one of the oldest services that were established in 1997. Still, many people continue to use them. However, the app lacks a lot of features and data making it difficult for the users to find information about the phone number. The information that you get on the site includes the name and address of the person. 

If you don’t want your information registered on the Whitepages, then you can pay a small fee to them to opt-out of storing your information. When a person has done this, then their phone number will be indicated as “Unlisted” when searched on the app.

5. PeopleFinders


PeopleFinders gives the latest information in the shortest time possible from the public records that are updated regularly. It also offers various filters to narrow down your search interface, you can utilize this option if multiple results appear. You can narrow down the results by using the filters to your requirement.

PeopleFinders works only in the US and it offers all of its features to customers who pay. You can still get a lot from its free search tool – both on the website and the app. 



ZLOOKUP helps you to find the information of any phone number for free. This service is an excellent alternative for anyone who is not very familiar with these tools as it is very simple to use. 

All you have to do is type the number that you want to get the details about on the search bar. It will look up the information on its directory database and give you the name, mail address, and other useful information about the person. 

7. Truecaller (Editor’s Choice)


Truecaller is one of the leading reverse phone number lookup services. It tracks the phone number and gives you the information of the number instantly on your phone. You can use Truecaller on both your desktop and app, by registering yourself on it with your phone number and email. 

The free users get information only on the caller ID and spam blocking services. On the other hand, its premium users get more features like contact requests, call recording, and no ads. It also identifies unwanted callers and keeps them away.

So, Truecaller is another best and highly recommended answer to your query – how to find who called me without paying.



SPYTOX is among the most legit and free reverse phone number lookup services available. You can use the service to get information on the person’s name, email address, social media accounts, and many more. 

The took provides you with the most precise and latest information available about the person. It is also very simple and efficient to use, providing you with adequate information on the caller, so you can make the right decision.

9. CallRevealer 


The CallRevealer service is a free reverse phone lookup service and it can search all types of phone numbers including landlines, mobile phones, etc. The service is connected to a lot of data that can successfully get you the information about the person that is hard to find for many other services. 

The tool will also provide you with a tip on what to do on search next. The app also works as an information tool by letting you know about the telemarketing calls or the scam calls that are made.

10. Spy Dialer 

Spy Dialer
Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is the fastest, easy-to-use, and most straightforward tool that provides a free reverse phone number lookup service. It provides you with a person’s name, picture, address, and any information that is public and lawfully admitted. 

You can also delete your information from the tool if you want to avoid being investigated. Spy dialer also lets you find the details about the unknown phone number anonymously.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you Google search for a phone number?

Ans: Yes google you can search the information of a phone number on google by entering the number on the search box, but this does not necessarily mean that you will get all the details that you require.

2. How to find who called me without paying?

Ans: Some of the most accurate reverse cell phone lookup tools to find who called you without paying are:

1. Spokeo
2. PeopleFinders
4. CocoFinder

These are only a few, I have also added in detail about the tools that are also very accurate.

3. Can someone lookup a cell phone number? 

Ans: Yes, anyone can look up a cell phone number to get the personal information of the person who is behind the phone number. 


There are many phone number lookup services available in both free and paid forms, but whenever you are trying to use a lookup service, you should always select the most suitable service that caters to your needs.

Since the very purpose of these tools is to reveal the details of the unknown number, make sure to choose a service that provides you with maximum information. 

Whenever you feel unsure, don’t hesitate to look up numbers through these services as the safety of your personal information is very important. Always make sure to put in an additional effort to protect yourself from scammers and fraudsters.

I hope this article helps you in finding out the best lookup services by considering all the above mention elements on how to choose the best reverse phone lookup service. 

Want to add anything else to this article on how to find who called me without paying? Drop your thoughts in the comments. 

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