How To Get Grammarly Premium For Free (Top 3 Legit Ways)


Wondering is it possible to get Grammarly premium for free? Yes, it indeed is! Here’s everything about how to get Grammarly premium for free


No one has that top-notch grammar. Whether you’re a student or a professional writer, there always lies some room for improvement. To ensure your every written piece is free from all possible writing errors you wouldn’t have even thought existed, there are tons of tools on the market you can put into application. One such renowned tool is Grammarly

Just like other similar tools you may have heard of, Grammarly is laced with a multitude of features that do more than just fix your grammar. Be it your clarity of thoughts, writing tone, or vocabulary, Grammarly analyzes every piece of content for all of these and more. Though there’s a FREE version of the tool for individuals, it provides just the basic writing suggestions. To further experience its prowess, you ought to purchase its premium or business plan. 

Grammarly premium and business plans
Grammarly – Premium & Business Plan

However, they are very costly, to be honest. Don’t worry as there are ample ways to get the premium subscription of Grammarly for FREE. Read on as I discuss everything you need to know about Grammarly, from its usage to the pros and cons. Not to forget to check out how to get Grammarly premium for free. 

Grammarly Free v/s Premium

Following are the options or services you get in free and premium accounts respectively. 

Free Account


All of your spelling errors will be corrected based on the language you have set.


Grammar correction

It will correct the basic grammatical errors, such as verbs, prepositions, articles, etc.


It will correct the punctuation mistakes as well, such as putting commas, full stops, colons, etc.

Premium Account


Write concise sentences with Grammarly premium

It helps you in writing a clearer sentence by improving the conciseness and readability of the content.

Tone Adjustments

Grammarly tone enhancement

It will adjust the tone of the content and correct all the active and passive voices. You don’t need to do this manually.

Plagiarism Detection

Grammarly plagiarism detection feature

It detects if there is any plagiarism in your writing piece. If there’s any, the tool will highlight the part of your content that is already published on other websites.

Word Choice

Word choice feature of Grammarly

It will help you choose the most appropriate word to increase engagement. Having good engaging content is the most important thing if you are a professional content writer.


It also makes sure the word you chose is all-natural and the content is fluent.

Additional Advanced Suggestions

It also offers additional advanced suggestions to improve the content such as Phrasal Prediction.

All The Features Of A Free Account

It offers all the features of the free account, such as correction of spelling errors, correcting grammatical errors, punctuation, and more. 

While you can always use the free version of the tool, before using the premium account, you might think about proper reasons to do so, right?. Next is a detailed explanation of these reasons.

Top Reasons To Get Grammarly Premium 

The premium version of Grammarly has several advantages that cannot be experienced in the free account. These include the following. 

AI-Powered Grammar And Spelling Checks

It will check the entire content for more than 250 grammatical and spelling errors. You don’t have to worry about these mistakes once you start using this platform. And it not only contains basic errors but it has some advanced suggestions as well.

Vocabulary Enhancement

It recommends the best suitable and most enhanced word for the content. It will enhance your project or assignment and make it look attractive. This further attracts viewers and readers to your project.

Plagiarism Checker

This platform also has a plagiarism checker, which will help you to find any plagiarized sentence in your assignment. Plagiarism is a serious issue and you might get in trouble if your content is plagiarized.

Compatible With All Platforms

This is one of the best features of this tool. It can be used and is available for all platforms. Irrespective of whether you are using it on MAC or PC or other operating systems.

Hence, these are general reasons for investing in the Premium version of Grammarly. Let’s now discuss some pros and cons of Grammarly below. 

Pros Of Grammarly

Following are the pros of Grammarly. 

  • The option of plagiarism checking is very helpful. As if there is plagiarism in your content you might be sued for the same. Hence, this tool checks around 8 billion web pages to compare them with your content.
  • This tool also has the option of proofreading. For that, you’d need to pay fees. But that is worth it because as per this feature you’ll get an individual to proofread the content. That way, you get personal attention.
  • Grammarly helps you to form emails for your professional work as it suggests the best alternative words and improves the overall tone of the content.
  • You can also have your money back if you change your mind and don’t want the superior plan of Grammarly.

Cons Of Grammarly

If there are pros, there are some cons of the tool as well. Following are some of the cons of Grammarly. 

  • Some sites find it difficult to use this tool due to core system languages, such as Quora.
  • Along with a few websites, Google DOC also does not support this tool. This is a big con as most people work on Google Docs.
  • The privacy policy of this tool is also not reliable. And cannot be fully trusted.

So, by now, you must have made up your mind about signing up for Grammarly’s premium account. To get it for free, here are the three legit ways. 

Top 3 Legit Ways To Get Grammarly Premium For Free

There are multiple ways to get Grammarly Premium for free. Here are the top three legit ways to try out and avoid repercussions of any illegal means. 

Grammarly Free Trial

To get access to Grammarly’s premium account for a flat 30 days, use this method. Follow these steps to jumpstart your premium account. 

  • Open your preferred web browser.
  • Visit Grammarly’s official website and sign up with your Google account if you haven’t yet. If you already have an account, log in. 
  • Click on the Get Grammarly Premium option. You’ll be taken to the next screen from where you can choose your preferred premium or business plan. 
  • Once you’ve chosen your plan, head toward the payment portal. Here, follow the on-screen instructions and pay for your chosen Grammarly premium plan. (Don’t worry. You can ask for a refund before your 30-days trial ends.)

Your Grammarly premium account will be activated as soon as your payment gets confirmed. Now, make sure to contact Grammarly’s support team before your 30-days trial ends and ask for a refund.  

Apply For Grammarly Affiliate Program 

Grammarly Affiliate Program - How to get Grammarly premium for free
Grammarly Affiliate Program

Another rewarding and legit way to get the premium version of Grammarly for free is by enrolling in their affiliate program. Why I prefer this method to get Grammarly premium for free over its 30-days free trial is its passive income capability. After signing up for the program, you straight away get a signup bonus of $25. 

If that’s not enough, you get a reward of $0.20 every time someone signs up for Grammarly’s free account using your banner. For every premium account signup, you get a flat $20. 

Follow these steps to sign up for the Grammarly affiliate program. 

  • Go to the official page of the Grammarly affiliate program.  
  • Sign up for an affiliate account on their website.
  • When prompted, fill in your website details and your preferred payment method (I recommend a direct bank transfer.)
  • Grammarly will verify your details in 1-2 business days and you shall get your account verification details via mail. 
  • Log into your brand new Grammarly affiliate account. Now, you can choose a branding or banner from over 120 templates to attract visitors to check the offer. Download the one that you picked.
  • Now, go to your website, and upload the banner and the affiliate link on your site. 

Note: Reply to the confirmation sent to your email address once you’re done with the above steps to claim your instant $25 bonus. 

Try The Premium Codes

Another cool and quick way to get Grammarly premium for free is by using some specific premium codes distributed by Grammarly for specific programs and recipients. These are legal and are meant to give the platform better exposure. 

Here are a few of such Grammarly premium codes. However, there’s no surety these would work or not. You can still give these a try for confirmation though. 

  • u5cjCJ6KbHabg9Q8
  • sEFgS39UvL9FECRr
  • FFeV6oSnRuE8pVxi
  • 2gZ4ZF74xKUF8toB
  • BCSzJNf7facYann6
  • J3XhbKTUax7chWTc
  • Kvmh6r7RhonaZSac
  • RmKvZghXPpnxL9J2
  • G3ZAkz6v3JAVSck3
  • n9bkZv9JYW5aUqWB
  • w84oyGF6QZ9aBb22
  • RfsvdpL6gyUBoKrw
  • 4gC5X24KAW8bHUP4

While signing up for the Grammarly premium account, use any of the aforementioned codes when prompted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to check that I have a premium account?

Ans: To check whether you have a premium account, you need to log in to your Grammarly account on the browser extension. Here, you need to check for the PREMIUM badge on the top-left corner of the screen.

How to get Grammarly Premium free for students?

Ans: Students can avail of the premium version of Grammarly for free by following the above-mentioned steps.

Does Grammarly have a free trial?

Ans: Yes, Grammarly indeed has a free trial period of 30 days. You can anytime cancel the subscription within this free trial period.

Can I download Grammarly from torrent?

Ans: Yes, you can download Grammarly from torrent. But it might not be the best way to use it as it is not a reliable source and your system might get damaged.


I hope that everything must now be clear about Grammarly. One thing you should keep in mind is to check the content once you are done using this tool, especially when you are not using the proofreading feature. It is because this tool uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make changes which sometimes can change the entire meaning of the sentence. Even it can lead to some misinformation due to the change of tone, words, or anything.

Rest everything is good about this tool, it is being used by every other content writer to be extra sure. So, make sure to give it a try. And this article discussed everything about how to get Grammarly premium for free

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