How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number Without Calling (2022)


Today, smartphones have made staying in touch with friends, family, and a girl/boyfriend easier, more convenient, and faster. However, for a few reasons, some of them would suddenly ban your phone number to avoid contacting you. It could be your girl/boyfriend who is furious, an old acquaintance you haven’t kept in touch with for a long time, or even someone who owes you money but refuses to pay it back. 

Maybe they blocked your number on purpose, or maybe for some reason such as a network fault or locked SIM so that you can’t contact them. Whatever it is, the quickest method is to make a phone call to those who you suspect of blocking your contact. However, that’s not the most ideal and appropriate way to solve the mystery – how do you know if someone blocked your number. Please note the following options in this article to ensure that your phone number has been blocklisted or not.

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number Without Calling On iPhone?

SMS checking is handy if you have an iPhone with the iOS operating system and wish to check if your phone number is blocked. Here’s how you know if someone blocked your number. 

  • Launch the iMessage app, which is incorporated in your iPhone. iMessage helps you to contact other people by instant message.
  • Go to the message area of the phone number you believe has blocked you.
  • Check to see if your last message and the person’s last message were both sent.
  • Send them a text message to get confirmation.
  • If the message you just sent indicates “Delivered”, it implies your message was sent successfully, and the person on the other side is still in contact with you.
  • On the other hand, if the text “Delivered” does not show and instead requests that you resubmit the message, it is quite probable that the person has blocked you and is not willing to communicate with you. However, this feature is not accurate and reliable, so don’t place too much trust in it.

There is an alternative method that does not involve texting. That is to look at the final message in your iMessage, and if there is the text “Read at” + time, it implies you may still contact that person.  

However, many iPhone users have read receipts turned on, this text will not appear. So, if you do not receive the phrase “Read at” + time, there are two possibilities – that person has blocked you, or they have enabled read receipts.

You may also use other instant messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Twitter to ask about that person’s status. Their response to messages will also help you analyze and forecast whether or not you have been banned.

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number On Android?

Some popular Android-based smartphones manufacturing companies include Samsung, Redmi, Reno, and Xiaomi. There is a method in the Android devices that can determine whether your number has been blocked or not. 

Here’s how you can. 

  • Open your phone’s Contacts app. Keep in mind that you should still save the phone number of the person you need to contact.
  • Choose the phone number you suspect has blocked you.
  • Click the two vertical dots in the upper corner of the screen, then remove the number. (At this point, if you still want to save that person’s phone number, write it down on a piece of paper or put it wherever you can find it). 
  • Open the Contacts app one more time.
  • In the search box, type the name of the person you just deleted.
  • If there is a suggestion of the person you just erased, congrats; you are not likely to be blocked. Return the piece of paper from which you copied the number, store it, and call them whenever you want.
  • If you don’t see that name, you’ve probably been blocked.

Nevertheless, this is also not completely accurate, sometimes after updates, this feature of some Android devices has been removed. So, you don’t have to worry too much.

Ask Your And His/Her Friend For Help

If you get the feeling of shine while asking the person you assume has blocked you directly, you might ask some mutual acquaintances between you and that person to inquire clearly. An intermediary call can fix your difficulty and answer your questions about whether or not that person has blocked you.

However, this might cause damage to your relationship in ways you don’t desire. So, if you want to be certain, think carefully and consider this as a final choice. You should also be aware of the implications and mentally prepare yourself before doing this method.

Notice How The Phone Call Ends

Although making direct phone contact is not the greatest technique to address your problem, it will provide you with the most comfort. If the call ends after one ring (or occasionally only half a ring) and you’re transferred to voicemail, you’ve been blocked, or the person’s phone is unavailable. Otherwise, if they pick up the phone, say hi, inquire, and even invite them to hang out for coffee.

This method should be used only after you have completed the preceding ones and are 70% certain that you have been blocked. If somebody chooses not to answer the phone, don’t try to call again; instead, quit after 1-2 calls to avoid disturbing them and being sued for harassment. Find out why they did this to you in a friendly manner.

Some Important Tips

The following tips will help you know what to do when someone has blocked your phone number.

  • Stay calm and wait a few days to see whether that person unblocks you or not. Sometimes there are conflicts, and they want to block you for a while to keep you quiet before reconsidering and unbanning you. As a result, being in a hurry to find out can annoy them and worsen your relationship.
  • The person who blocked your phone number could also do the same thing on other social platforms. In that case, there’s no way for you to contact them. Therefore, talk with his/her close friends for clarification. Maybe after blocking you, that person would tell their besties and explain why they have blocked you. So, ask their best friends to mention you in a conversation with them who blocked you.
  • Sometimes you are the source of the problem. Remember what you did to make you believe the person no longer wants to keep in touch with you. Make a constructive change and find a method to apologize to the person who blocked you. A sorry is the most valuable confession, therefore don’t be afraid to express it. Knowing this, you will become more mature and responsible to others.

Some relevant questions you may ask include:

  1. Why did they choose to block me even if I didn’t do anything wrong?

Sometimes, someone may not block you intentionally. It’s just as if something went wrong such as their SIMs have been blocked, they are out of coverage for a long time, they’ve switched to a new phone number, or the person using the old one has changed. And even they don’t want to be bothered when on vacation. It’s their own life, and they can freely enjoy it. Maybe when they fix their SIMs or return from holidays, they can contact you then.

  1. How to contact the person who blocked you?

It’s difficult to contact them if they’ve given you a ban. However, there are a few tricks you may use to do this. Unless they have blocked you on these platforms, chatting on social media networks such as Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram. Another method is to ask their buddies to form a texting group so you can communicate with each other. You can also use a different phone number to contact them to solve this issue if anything else mentioned in this article doesn’t yield the desired results. 

Closing Notes

This article aims to provide you with some methods to know when you suspect someone has blocked your phone number without calling. These tips are to refer, not to believe completely. Anyway, try to build up a friendly relationship so that no one will ever blocklist you. Under this article, there are some relevant questions you may be concerned about.


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