How to Recover A Deleted Bumble Account in 2022


If you think online dating is a new concept, you’re mistaken. It has been introduced for quite a long time and is quite straightforward to start with. All you need to do is download any popular dating app (Tinder or Bumble), create your attractive profile, and “swipe right” on another profile to indicate interest. Due to its easy process, people prefer online dating over regular one.


Bumble is also a well-known dating app where you can start dating anytime and with anyone you feel impressed with. Just like other dating apps online, Bumble is easy to use. Not only this, in case you had deleted your Bumble account, there are ways through which you can still use Bumble. But there are some complications with that. For that, this article might be the best solution for you to know how to recover a deleted bumble account

But first, without any further due, we’d discuss the process of creating a Bumble account as it is the foremost step.

How to create a Bumble account on your Mobile?

Creating a Bumble account is as easy as creating an account on any other platform. But there can be different steps for smartphones and web browsers. 

Follow these steps to create your Bumble account on its mobile app. 

  • First, you need to open the Play Store in the case of Android and the Apple App Store in the case of iOS.
  • Next, search for the Bumble app in the search bar. 
  • Tap on the Install option on the screen.
Tap on Bumble
  • The process of installation shall complete in a few seconds. Once done, tap on the Open option to launch the application.
  • To create a Bumble account, you have two options with you. You can either make an account with the help of your Facebook account or you can choose your phone number for that process. Tap on either option on the main screen.
Use your Facebook account or phone number to register on Bumble
  • In case you chose the phone number option, after filling the number, it will ask you the OTP. Fill out the OTP sent over your entered phone number. But in case you have chosen Facebook, you need to fill up the bio-data and profile picture.
  • This is all.

You have created your Bumble account. After this, you can make necessary changes to complete the profile, such as adding a profile picture, bio-data, etc. to make your profile interesting and get better engagement.

How to create a Bumble account on your PC?

In case you are using the official website of Bumble for creating your account, follow the below steps. 

  • Open Google or any web browser of your choice. Visit
  • You can click on the Sign-in option in case you are an existing user, but if you are a first-time user, click on the Join option on the screen. It will help you in creating a new account
  • There’ll be two options now to choose from for further process – Continue with Apple and Continue with Facebook 
  • If you choose to log in with another social network, there’ll be a new page where it will ask you to fill in your social login details. But in case you chose the phone number, an OTP will be sent to that number. Enter the 6-digit OTP and click on Continue.
  • The last step is to create your profile by filling up the personal details, adding a profile picture, and your profile will be created.

You can start dating or selecting options of suitable mates for you.

Sometimes, when you need a break from the app, you might wish to delete the app. But before that, the main question that will come to your mind is whether there is any way you can recover the account later on, in near future. Right? So, let’s explore this. 

The next section will describe the possibility of recovering the deleted Bumble account and how to recover deleted Bumble account

Is it possible to recover a deleted Bumble account?

Bumble is a popular app because it offers much as compared to other dating platforms. There have been constant updates and additions to the platform. But there is always a limitation that might cause a problem for the users. And recovering a deleted Bumble account is among such limitations that left you wondering how to recover a deleted Bumble account. Right?

Confirmation for deleting your Bumble account. How to recover deleted Bumble account?
Confirmation for deleting your Bumble account

In the starting process when you are trying to delete the account, it warns you that this action of yours cannot be undone. And you need to confirm it before actually deleting the account. After deleting the account, all of your app data, messages, conversations, and matches are gone. And unfortunately, this cannot be recovered.

However, there is another option available for you – create a new account. And this can be done with your old phone number and existing Facebook account. No need to worry about that as well.

This can only be done if you weren’t banned from Bumble as in that case, you can’t make a new account with that same number or Facebook account.

What are the downsides of creating a Bumble account again?

You might be wondering if there is any downside to creating a new account or re-creating an account on the existing phone number again. For example, there was a time when most of the users experienced fewer matches. This became a common and rising issue and users blame the team for this. They thought that the team might be using this tactic purposely to punish the users for deleting the account in the first place.

But after a certain period, the team clarifies that they had nothing to do with this. But the reason behind fewer matches can be that, if you are creating new accounts with the same Facebook account or phone number, your previous matches might think you as a fraud.

Therefore, there can be a downside to re-creating a Bumble account. You might be considered a fraud or non-serious person by your previous matches. So, try not to repeat the process again and again.

And obviously, one downside is you’ll lose everything including messages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does deleting the Bumble app delete your profile?

No, deleting the Bumble app does not delete your profile. It is because you create the profile mainly on the website/web browser with the help of an app on mobiles. Even if you delete the app on your mobile, the profile will still exist on the website. And you can again use the profile on the app after installing the Bumble app again.

2. How do you log back into Bumble?

In case you have never logged in to Bumble, it will ask you to log in first with help of the above steps and phone number or Facebook account.

But if you have already logged in and forgotten the password, there will be an option of Forgot Password. Select the option and it will ask you for an email address where you want to receive the link to reset the password. Lastly, wait for the link and click on it to reset the password and log in to the account.

3. What happens when you delete and reinstall Bumble?

If you delete the Bumble app and reinstall it, all the data will remain the same as it was before. All your matches and messages will be there that will be saved before deleting them. But if you have deleted the account, then, there is no chance of recovering the data even after reinstalling. You need to create a new account on Bumble to use the platform again. 

4. Can a deleted user on Bumble come back?

Yes, there is no restriction on the user to come back on Bumble, unless you are banned from this platform. You can come back to Bumble and create a new account with the number or Facebook account of your choice. Including the number and Facebook account that you used for the previous Bumble account.

The Final Words

So, here you go. There should not be any confusion about the Bumble now. Creating an account is easier but recovering it is impossible. So, I’ll advise you to not delete the account in the first place, as the data will be gone for good.

This can be put as a good lesson to only use a particular account on Bumble. Unless you’ll be losing a lot of matches every time you make a new account. Because if somehow you want to stop dating for a period, you can simply turn off the Date mode in the app, and with this, you don’t have to delete the account.

This is the best option as with this you won’t lose any data on the app. And can start from where you left off.

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