How To Remove Your Number From Truecaller (2022)


Truecaller is undoubtedly one of the best caller identification applications worldwide with millions of active users. Besides letting you know who’s calling you, it assists you with several other features such as spam detection, flash messaging, smart integrations, call recording, call reminder, and much more.

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Being a caller identification application, Truecaller crowdsources contact details from all its users’ contact books. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you have the application installed on your gadget or not, if any other user has saved your number in their contact book and has granted access to the app, it’ll automatically get added to the Truecaller database. 

This, of course, is a type of privacy breach as any random user can identify you and misuse your identity. Thankfully, Truecaller lets people unlist their contact numbers from its database to counter such serious issues. If you are wondering how to remove your number from Truecaller or in other words, unlist it, here’s is a go-to guide. Continue reading to find out some simple hacks that are both safe and secure. 

How To Remove A Number From Truecaller

As mentioned above, Truecaller brings its several features to your table, however, at the cost of disclosing your details to anyone on the platform. To protect your privacy from being spied on, here are a few simple ways to remove your number from the Truecaller database. 

1. Deactivate your Truecaller Account

To delete all of your Truecaller data including your phone number, you’ll need to deactivate your Truecaller account following these steps. 

  • Open the Truecaller app and tap on the “three vertical dots” on the top right-hand corner. 
three vertical dots in truecaller
  • Click on the “Settings” option. 
settings in truecaller
  • Scroll down till you find the “Privacy Center“. Tap on it. 
privacy center in truecaller
  • Under the Privacy Center menu, you’ll have several other settings. Scroll down and look for the Deactivate option at the bottom.
  • Click on the “Deactivate” option. 
deactivate truecaller
  • A confirmation dialog box will appear stating: By deactivating your account, your data will be deleted. Do you wish to continue?
  • Tap on “Yes“. 
  • Congratulations, your Truecaller account has been permanently deleted. 

Now, you will be returned to the sign-up page if you wish to create any new account on the platform in the future. With the account no longer available, let’s now understand how to remove the number from Truecaller by unlisting it. 

2. Unlist your phone number from Truecaller

Note that only your account is inactive now, your phone number can still be searched by other Truecaller users and used without your knowledge. Hence, merely deactivating the account would now suffice. Unlisting your number from the database will complete the process. Let’s see how. 

  • Visit page which is the platform’s only and official place to unlist any number. 
  • In the space titled “Phone number“, enter the phone number including the valid country code in the space provided. 
unlist a number from treucaller
  • Verify the Captcha. 
  • Upon verification, tap on the “UNLIST PHONE NUMBER” option.
  • Note that it’ll take up to 24-hours for Truecaller for your number to get permanently removed from the database. 

Though your phone number will get permanently deleted from the Truecaller database, it’s still recommended to verify the same after at least 24 hours. To do so, simply search your number through the app’s search feature. The only result you would see is “No Match Found“. This confirms that your number is now inaccessible to anyone on Truecaller. 

How To Remove A Number From Spam In Truecaller

Truecaller lets its users tag any strange or unknown number as Spam. If multiple users tag any number as spam, it appears with a red badge on everyone’s device. However, there are chances of your number appearing in the spam list as well. This is possible if multiple users have tagged your number as spam on their devices. 

If you feel it has happened by mistake and wish to remove it from the list, you will need to contact Truecaller and discuss the matter with them. Since you can’t ask everyone to unmark your number as spam, there is no other way to get the task done than to contact Truecaller right away. 

However, even if Truecaller removes your number from the spam database, your number might still make its way to the database if it gets reported again. In such a scenario, it’s recommended to change your phone number. 

Do You Want To Hide Your Identity Without Deactivating Your Truecaller Account?

If you want to hide your identity on Truecaller from the privacy point of view without deactivating your account, here is a quick hack.

While you are signing up for Truecaller, there are multiple options to create an account. For instance, you can connect your any social media profile such as Facebook or let Google do the job. This will transfer your details to the Truecaller – something not recommended. 

Instead, complete the entire process manually. Furthermore, skip the email section and enter any random name in the “Name” box to hide your real identity. By doing so, all of your details will not be disclosed to anyone on the platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have unlisted my number from Truecaller but it’s still visible. What shall I do?

Your number is still visible on your device as it is still locally stored there. By removing it, it won’t reappear anymore. To do so, clear the history or cache the memory and try again. 

2. Why is my number appearing as spam on Truecaller?

Truecaller lets its users tag any strange or unknown number as Spam. Hence, if multiple users tag any number as spam, it will automatically get added to the spam database. To get it out, you must contact Truecaller for assistance.

3. What is the unlisting feature on Truecaller?

To protect its users’ privacy by disallowing anyone to misuse their details including the phone number, Truecaller rolled out the unlisting feature that permanently removes a number from the company’s database.


Although Truecaller is the world’s most popular caller ID app, its entire range of exclusive features comes at the cost of your privacy as elaborated throughout this article. However, the company has been on the front foot to overcome this. 

To protect its users’ privacy whether they are active or inactive on the app, Truecaller allows them to remove their number from its massive database in a few simple steps as discussed above. You can follow the above methods and enjoy your unbreached privacy. 

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