How To See Who Unmatched You On Tinder? A Definitive Guide


Nowadays, no one wants the long and time-consuming process of dating offline (it’s old as well.) Therefore, they prefer to first see and chat with each other through Tinder or similar online dating platforms such as Bumble, Hinge, and OkCupid. These apps are responsible for making the swipe right a trend for the masses.

Swipe left to undo your right swipe and unmatch the other person

While creating a profile might not be an issue due to its easy and wide usage, some things might not be cleared among many. It is important to know all aspects of an app that you are using to make such an important decision in your life.

For example, in the app, you match with the other users, but one question, i.e., how to see who unmatched you on Tinder is something hazy among the users. This article will help you to find the answer to this particular question and many more. But before that, let’s understand why would someone unmatch you on Tinder and vice-versa. So, let’s start.

Why Would Someone Unmatch You On Tinder?

The most common reason why would someone unmatch you on Tinder is they don’t wish to take the conversation further. In other scenarios, Tinder itself removes suspicious profiles from your match list. 

If not, the other person can also unmatch you if they swiped right on your profile without checking it first and later realized it. So, these are some popular reasons why would someone unmatch you on Tinder and vice-versa. 

Is it Possible to See Who Unmatched You on Tinder?

This is your main question, isn’t it? And the answer to this is a big fat NO. You cannot see if a person has unmatched you on Tinder as it does not provide any notification of this activity. The identity of that person who has unmatched you on Tinder is completely anonymous.

This is a good thing from a user’s privacy point of view. Because it is completely your choice if you want to unmatched a person and if you don’t want to disclose that decision to the person it should be your call. The app has no right to make that decision for you. Hence it adds a little more privacy to your identity.

Are There Any Third-Party Tools For Help?

The next step we’ll try once we know there isn’t any direct way to check things is to try that with the help of third-party tools. So, now you must be thinking, is there any way by which you can see who unmatched you with the help of a third-party tool on Tinder.

Again, the answer to this remains the same, no, you can’t! There isn’t any third-party tool developed till now that can help you in this process. And if you are hoping that such a tool might be introduced in the market soon. This might not be possible, because Tinder will sue any third-party tool that might cause any direct or indirect harm to their user’s privacy.

Hence, there is no way possible by which you can see who unmatched you on Tinder directly.

But there are a few tricks that you can do to check if a particular person has unmatched you. Although Tinder does not notify you anyhow about this, you can always check your profile if that particular person is on your match list.

If not, this means you have been unmatched by that person, if not he/she should be there. But this trick might not be the most reliable one, because in case the user has deleted their account then also their profile disappears from your match list. But chances are more of unmatching you.

How to See Who Unmatched You on Tinder After Chatting?

Chat on Tinder. How to see if someone unmatched you on Tinder?

Earlier if someone has unmatched you all of your chats will disappear. This feature was there to protect the privacy and increase the security of the user. But after some time, people started taking advantage of this feature. They used to abuse and harass their matches online, and then later unmatched them on Tinder, with this all their chats will disappear. And there is no proof of the abuse and harassment.

There were hundreds of complaints of such incidents and then Tinder decided to remove this feature. Now if you unmatched any of your matches, all chats and messages will disappear from your account. But they will still appear on the other user’s profile. Although the color of the chats will change to grey in their chats tab.

So now, if anyone harasses or abuses you on Tinder you can always have proof of that and can file a case on cybercrimes.

Lastly, it will be safe to say that you can somehow know if someone unmatched you on Tinder after chatting. But the chats also turn grey if they have deleted their account. So, chatting is still not a reliable source.

Eliminate the Possibility of Errors

In some cases, you think the person has unmatched you, but this might not be the case. Sometimes due to some technical glitches, the profile of the person might just disappear. To make sure there is no such glitch, you can follow these steps. 

  • You can always start by rebooting your app. For this, you can force shut the application, and go to the Settings of your device.
  • Open the App folder. There will be all of your apps.
  • Among them, choose the Tinder application. 
  • Scroll down the screen and choose the Force Stop option at the bottom.

If this does not solve the issue, you can log out and then log into the app again. For this, open the Settings in the app, scroll down to the end, and tap on Log Out. You’ll be logged out after this. Next, fill up your login credentials to log into the app.

If nothing changes after the above hack and you’re still unable to find that person in your match list, there might not be any glitch in the first place. And high chances are there that person has unmatched you on Tinder. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I unmatch someone on Tinder?

To unmatch someone on Tinder due to any reason, here are the simple steps you should follow.
1. Open the chat box of the person you want to un-match.
2. Find the Red Flag icon in the case of the iPhone or the Ellipses icon in the case of the Android. It is in the bottom of the top-right corner of your screen. Tap on it.
3. There you’ll see the Unmatch option. Tap on that.

This is all you need to do.

2. Is the Tinder app free for use?

Yes, Tinder is absolutely free for use. You don’t need to pay even a penny to see people or match with them. You can leave the app anytime and for that as well you don’t need to pay any cost.

3. Can I undo swipes on Tinder?

Yes, you can always undo a left or right swipe on Tinder in case you change your mind about that person.

The Final Words

There is no concrete way to see who has unmatched you on Tinder. You can try the above-mentioned hacks, but they can be very confusing in between whether the user has unmatched you, deleted the account, or has been suspended from the platform.

So, whatever the reason is, you should just move on and try new matches online. Because Tinder is not going to provide any feature to provide such information anytime soon. Because it might be a threat to the security of that person. As some might try to hurt or harm the person that has unmatched them, in anger or for revenge. Hence, it might be best for everyone to keep it as it is.

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