How To Track The Location Of An Incoming Call – Top 9 Call Tracking Apps


If you are getting continuous incoming calls from an unknown number, you need not go very far to track them. Here’s how to track the location of an incoming call.  

These days, there are a lot of platforms that let you trace the information and the location of a particular phone number. And guess what? You can also find who called you without paying! In other words, anyone can use these services to meet the needs of their problems.

In this article, I have listed the best tried and tested techniques with some of the best incoming call tracking platforms to help you get all the essential information about that particular phone number. 

What Are The General Techniques To Track The Location Of An Incoming Call? 

There are a lot of easy and free methods to track the location of an incoming call. Though tracking down the precise map location is difficult without using a GPS, general area and a few other information like the person’s name, service carrier, and address can be found. 

I have mentioned some of the simple techniques and other services that you can use to find the phone number’s details, which will further help you in finding the caller’s location. 

1. Tracking The Exact Location Is Not Possible 

The technique operated by the government agents and police to chase down a phone number.

The techniques operated by the government agents and police to chase down a phone number rely on the phone number’s service carrier details. These details must be collected only by the court order, thus making it challenging for anyone to duplicate these techniques.

As it is also impossible to track a phone number’s precise locations, do not use any third-party services or apps that claim to track any phone numbers. Mostly, these third-party services usually will scam you or misuse your details.

2. Look At Your Smartphone’s Caller ID. 

Nowadays, all smartphones and digital landlines come with an in-built caller ID that displays the town’s name to which the cell number is recorded. 

If your smartphone displays the city (or region) and state’s name for the incoming call, it might be sufficient to know where the individual’s cell number was registered.

3. Check The Area Code. 

How to track the location of an incoming call - check the area code

The first three numbers in any of the US area codes are direct to the state in which the phone number was recorded.

The simplest method to search up an area code’s range is by entering the particular area code number along with “Area Code” in any search engine (e.g., Yahoo, Google).

4. Look For The Phone Number On Social Media Sites 

This method is not guaranteed to work, but looking up a phone number on any social networking site might fetch some results.  

Social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook let users make location-based posts. So, you can see the person’s recent location update using these sites.

Many social media sites maintain their user’s phone numbers confidential by default, so the individual in question will have to make their cell number known for this method to work.

5. Try Calling The Number. 

If the above methods fail, you can directly call the person’s phone number and request their details. If the call is for a specific individual or a company, clarify by saying that you have been getting calls and you do not know them. In a few cases, they might have called you by mistake.

If the call is from an enterprise’s phone number, you must use an automatic response system before speaking to an actual person. Many enterprises inform their details through the automated response system, so you can find out who has been calling you.

If the phone number is not visible since the caller is hiding their phone number, you can reveal it and then try calling from another phone number to find out if the caller is picking up or not.

These were my all-time favorite techniques to track the location of an incoming call

How To Track Location Of Incoming Calls Using Whitepages? 


Whitepages is an online database lookup service that has the option to find information about any phone number for free.

The platform usually tends to limit the quantity of information you can view when used for free, but you can discover the phone number’s registered area and the spam rating.

Though the details you get on Whitepages are limited, it will give you enough details to begin your investigation when you want to know the originality of an anonymous caller.

Sadly, Whitepages might contain any details of the phone number as the details might have been outdated. 

Below are the steps to follow to use Whitepages to track the location of an incoming call.  

  • First, go to the official website of Whitepages on your browser.
  • Select the “Reverse Phone” button at the top of the screen.
  • On the search bar at the center of the page, enter the phone number.
  • Then, click on enter

Once you have got the details, check all the information available to you. Depending upon the cell number, the following points will be shown:

  • Spam rating 
  • First letter of the name of the registered person.
  • Registered area of the phone number (region and state)
  • Cell number’s service carrier

Top 9 Tools To Track The Location Of An Incoming Call 

Here are the nine best caller location tracking platforms. All the platforms in the list include a unique feature for themselves, making tracking very easy and effective. You can choose by going through the platforms according to your requirements.

1. Truecaller


Truecaller is a partially free phone number tracking service known for chasing down a particular phone number’s location. This is also one of the most downloaded apps. 

The platform also lets its users avoid spam calls and messages. It also allows users to block contacts that they want to avoid. The app also comes with a lot more features making it very user-friendly. 

Reasons to choose Truecaller are:

  • Precise and very sufficient details.
  • Intelligent messaging to chat and recognize unknown numbers.
  • Instant blocking on telemarketers.
  • Call recording is also available.
  • High Priority assistance for Gold Caller ID.

2. Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locater

Mobile Number Locator is also a perfect app having more than a million users. You can smoothly find out the information of the person calling you by using the caller ID and phone number locator. It immediately recognizes the phone number, user’s name, and location through the caller ID. 

The complete location information like city, region, and country, along with the service provider of the phone number, will be displayed. The coordinates of the location will also be shown on the map.

Reasons to choose the Mobile Number Locator app are:

  • Scam calls can be blocked.
  • Before dialing, the name of the registered person on the phone number can be found.
  • Live mobile number tracker (using which any phone number worldwide can be tracked.)
  • Accurate GPS location.
  • Service operator’s details are displayed.

3. DU Caller

DU Caller

DU Caller recognizes the caller’s location and blocks the phone number if the number keeps troubling you. It has the most extensive databases of phone numbers from all around the world. 

So, all the phone numbers get easily recognized, and the response period is concise. The app has many more features like Secret Call Protector, Smart Dialer, and Call History Scanner.

Reasons to choose DU Caller are:

  • You can see the caller’s location.
  • The person’s name or the unknown phone number will be displayed on the screen.
  • The app has an outstanding quality of sound for all the recorded files on it.
  • SMS can also be blocked by using the app. 

4. Showcaller


Showcaller can find the person’s name, address, and location of any unknown phone number that is annoying you. 

The app easily tracks the caller’s location and avoids spam, fraud, and even telemarketing calls. It also has features like an SMS blocker, number tracker, call recorder, etc.

Reasons to choose Showcaller are:

  • The platform is very secure.
  • Its smart caller ID also works when offline. 
  • Smart Search can look up any unknown phone number to find the owner’s name.
  • Unwanted contacts can also be blocked. 
  • The most extensive database finds the number and the name instantly.

5. Caller ID – Who Called Me

Caller ID

Caller ID – Who Called Me has more than 15 million user databases. It is the best platform to locate a number, block a call, and trace the location.

The platform recognizes the calls from any unknown phone numbers instantly and blocks them if they are spam calls. The call location, along with the picture of the caller and their name, will be displayed on the screen.

Reasons to choose Caller ID – Who Called Me are:

  • Very effective in finding the name of the incoming unknown call instantly.  
  • Unwanted numbers can be blocklisted. 
  • The Smart Dialer and the Call log scanner features are available.
  • The app takes only very little space and can be downloaded for free.

6. Caller ID & True Spam Blocker

Caller ID & True Spam Blocker

Caller ID performs well and does terrific work when tracking anonymous callers. The caller’s information is instantly delivered to its users. 

The working of the caller ID is very identical to the one on the Truecaller app. The app provides you with details of the name, address, and location of the caller.

Reasons to choose Caller ID are:

  • It has one of the most advanced caller ID features. All numbers can be identified.
  • Using the intelligent search, any phone number can be looked up.
  • The Smart Call log provides details like the name, location, and call history.
  • The T9 Dialer is easy to use and lets you make calls from the app.

7. Hiya – Caller ID & Block


Hiya is an excellent platform to track the call location, which will eventually offer you the basic information of the caller every time. The platform also blocks all the unwanted calls you receive. 

The Hiya app is free to download and very easy to use. Since the platform is also a utility app, it recognizes and blocks unknown phone numbers. The app also notifies you when the incoming call you are receiving is a spam call.

Reasons to choose Hiya are:

  • When using this app, you can receive calls only from your known circle and not from unknown people. 
  • The call blocker will block all the telemarketers and spam calls by transmitting them to your voicemail.
  • Automated notifications and alerts are available if you are getting a spam call.
  • The SMS Caller ID will let you know the person is messaging you.

8. Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker

Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker

Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker easily tracks the caller’s location very smoothly. Blocking and screening of calls are also available on the platform. 

Reasons to choose Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker are:

  • Blocking calls for a specific area code or even an entire country is possible. 
  • Blocking telemarketers and unknown numbers are very easy.
  • Spam calls also will be notified through the automatic caller lookup feature.
  • The location tracer is very fast and efficient in identifying the caller. 

9. True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker

True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker

True Mobile Caller ID Locator can find out the person reaching you and their location by using GPS. The app has an appealing interface and unique features. It operates very well, even when it is offline. This app is the best option for the Truecaller app. 

Reasons to choose True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker are:

  • Outstanding performance even when offline.
  • The person calling is quickly identifiable.
  • The call blocking feature is also available.
  • GPS tracking due to which the phone’s location can be seen on Google Maps.

So, all the phone number tracking platforms mentioned above are rapid and helpful in tracing the caller’s IDs. These services have made phones very safe and avoid spam calls and harassment on the phone.

But if still an individual reaches, you can get all their information and register that phone number as spam or block them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Track The Exact Location Of A Caller?

Ans: Yes, you can track the exact location of the caller’s phone number by using any third-party location tracker services that are available in the market.

2. How To Track Location Of Incoming Calls? 

Ans: First, check the area code of the incoming phone number, then search the area code on google to locate where the number is. You can also use any reverse phone number lookup platform to discover the origin of the phone number.

3. Which Is The Best Caller Location Tracker?

Ans: Truecaller is the best phone number tracker that lets users locate the number quickly and state where the service provider is. The platform also allows its users to avoid spam calls and messages.


To sum up, it’s now relatively easy to track the location of an incoming call, thanks to the above-mentioned call tracking apps and sites. If you are troubled with continuous calls from someone you don’t know, you need not bother much now! 

I hope this article comes in handy when you need to choose the location tracking platform to use according to your requirements to find the details and the location of the phone number.

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