Track Vehicle Number, Owner Name, Location, Address, RTO Registration Number In A Few Clicks


This article discusses the best ways to track vehicle number, owner name, location, address, and RTO registration number.

With the increase in the usage of vehicles in the past decade, it is not easy to identify a vehicle using only its outer appearance when a mishap happens. e also experience a few misfortunes while purchasing second-hand cars. 

find vehicle owner details

To avoid all this, the government of India has introduced the VAHAN service that helps you get details of any vehicle running on the roads by just using its “registration number.”

In this article, I will explain the uses and why you need to use the VAHAN service. Besides, I will also discuss the essential features of the VAHAN and how it helps us during a mishap. So, let’s get started without any further ado. 

What Is A Vehicle Registration Number?

What Is A Vehicle Registration Number?

A vehicle registration number is an official code issued by the government that identifies all the specifications related to your vehicle. 

This registration number is an alphanumeric ID unique to all cars. And every vehicle has its unique registration number. 

Note: No two different vehicles have the same registered number. 

The vehicle registration number is significant to track the insurance, warranty claims, and any legal issues that the vehicle is involved in. It also follows the owner, the owner’s address, and the region’s vehicle register. 

In a few countries, the registration number is unique for the whole nation, however, in a few other countries, it is uncommon for a particular state or region.

The registration number is issued on a vehicle registration plate for authorized identification purposes. All vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, and trucks, require a registration plate to operate for personal and commercial uses. 

However, the jurisdiction might vary for other vehicles like bicycles, tractors, and boats. 

All the vehicles in India have their registration number issued by the district-level Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the particular state. The number plates are usually positioned in the front and rear. 

All the vehicle registration plates must be in the Hindu-Arabic digits with the Latin words. 

Breakdown Of A Number Plate

Breakdown Of A Number Plate
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All the digits on the vehicle registration number plate have their unique identification. Below is the breakdown of the vehicle registration number plate for you to understand them easily. 

1. Part 1

The main component of the number plate denotes the particular Union territory or the state of India. This is indicated by the first two letters. For instance, for the state of Tamil Nadu, the vehicle number plate begins with the letters “TN,” for Karnataka, it starts with “KA,” and for Delhi, it is “DL.” 

These two letters are the most critical alphabets, as they indicate the state’s name in which the vehicle is registered and used. 

Note: This process was started in the early 1980s.

2. Part 2

The next two digits of the number plate indicate the district’s sequential code. Since all the states in India are divided into sections, the community takes care of all the vehicle registrations. 

All the districts have their own Regional Transport Office (RTO), which manages all the vehicle registrations and details.

3. Part 3

The third part of the registration plate enables us to determine the vehicle type. Typically, these digits of the code are in numbers, and sometimes letters are used to provide an excess of regulations for the vehicles. 

Note: It is also a typical approach to purchase custom numbers for a high cost. 

4. Part 4

The last part is the logo that explains “IND,” which is the acronym for India. The logo also has a chromium hologram like the “Chakra.” This logo is utilized chiefly only in High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP). 

High-Security Registration Plates
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These were introduced to lessen the theft of vehicles. Although it is compulsory for all vehicles to carry this logo, many states have still not adopted this approach.

All these codes on the registration vehicle number jointly give the vehicle its unique identification number.

What Is VAHAN?

VAHAN - Best Way To Track Vehicle Number, Owner Name, Location, Address, RTO Registration Number

VAHAN is a national vehicle registry service that enables both the regulators and the citizens of India to get easy access to all the details that are available with road transport management. 

All the data available with the road transport authorities, district transport offices, and the Regional Transport Office (RTOs) have been computerized for easy access. 

There are more than 22 crore vehicle documents recorded on the Vahan website. Using this service, you can access the details of vehicles like the chassis/engine number, manufactured date, name, body type, fuel type, model, color, and the owner’s name. 

The driving license-related details are updated on a different website, which is known as “Sarathi.” This website is entirely in operation, yet some parts of the website are up and operating.

Why Is VAHAN Important? 

VAHAN is developed to get all the details regarding a particular vehicle. The details of the cars on the website can assist in solving the crimes in which vehicles are used and can also reduce the use of fake vehicle registration numbers. 

The government officials can cross-check all the documents of the vehicles immediately, and the settlement of the acceptable charges can be made using this service. 

Banks that have given loans for the cars will also get access to the national/state registry to trace the vehicle’s position. 

The insurance companies also are asked to upload the details of the insured vehicles once the procedure is finished, as this will assist in following the cars which have not got an insurance cover or the ones that have not resumed their insurance covers.

This system gives access to all the information regarding the vehicle from anywhere.  Moreover, the centralization of the vehicle details also assists and addresses the requirements of the police authorities, RTOs, and insurance companies.

How To Track Vehicle Number, Owner Name, Location, And Address From The RTO Registration Number Using VAHAN? 

Using VAHAN’s official website, you can readily access all the details regarding any vehicle by using its registration number. The service will provide you with all the elements that are related to the car that you require.  

You can check the steps below to know all the information of a particular vehicle owner by simply using the vehicle’s registration number.

  • Step 1

First, open the authorized website of VAHAN to discover all the necessary information about the vehicle’s owner.

  • Step 2

On the Home page, on the navigation menu at the top, you can view “Parivahan.” Click on it, and you will be taken to a new page. 

  • Step 3

Then, under the “Informational Services” navigation menu at the top, click on the “Know Vehicle owner Details” option. 

  • Step 4

When you click on it, you will be taken to a new page, where you must register by entering your “Mobile Number” and “Email ID.” 

  • Step 5

After creating an account, you can enter the vehicle registration number of the particular vehicle and also enter the captcha code for verification.

  • Step 4

When done, click the “Vahan Search” button. Now, all the details of the vehicle will be available to you. 

So, that’s how to track vehicle number, owner name, location, address, and RTO registration number

How To Check The Details Of Vehicle Registration Using An SMS?

If you cannot use the internet to find the vehicle’s details using the vehicle registration number, then you can use the SMS service by VAHAN to see the details of the car. 

I have mentioned all the steps that you need to follow so that you can find the details using the SMS service. 

  • Step 1

Go to the messages application on your mobile phone and start a new message.

  • Step 2

Then, enter the message – VAHAN <space> Vehicle Registration Number. (For instance, VAHAN TN38CY0xx5)

  • Step 3

Recheck the vehicle registration number and send the message to the phone number “7738299899.”

Now, you will get a message with all the information related to the vehicle.  

What Are The Various Details You Can Find Along With The Vehicle Owner Information?

VAHAN provides vehicle details from all Union Territories and states in India. The information provided complies with the Motor Vehicles Act that was passed in the year 1988. 

By searching the vehicle registration number, you will obtain the following information on the VAHAN website.

  • Date of registration of the vehicle
  • Fuel type
  • Motor vehicle tax validity date
  • Name of the financier
  • Name of the owner
  • Name of the vehicle manufacturer
  • Pollution under control certificate number
  • Status of the registration certificate
  • The model number of the vehicle
  • Vehicle chassis number (not in full)
  • Vehicle class
  • Vehicle emission standards
  • Vehicle fitness validity date
  • Vehicle insurance details
  • Vehicle’s engine number (not in full)

Why Or When Would You Need The Details Of A Vehicle Owner? 

With the increase in the usage of four-wheelers and two-wheelers, the sales of both old and new vehicles have increased exponentially in the past decade. 

As a result, it has become tough to observe the road traffic and maintain track of every car and track the information in the matter of a mishap on the roads. 

So, a few reasons on when and why you require the vehicle’s information are in a matter of an accident or hit-and-run problem, in the case of buying a second-hand car, or during an RTO examination. 

Thus, the Indian Government has created the vehicle’s information public using the VAHAN service. 

This is only to facilitate access to details in such circumstances. So, as a citizen of India, it is our prime duty to use the information received responsibly.

Top Reasons You Need To Track Vehicle Number, Owner Name, Location, And Address From The RTO Registration Number Using VAHAN 

With countless vehicles being purchased every day, it might be difficult for us to track the factors of the car all the time. 

However, here are the major causes why you need to utilize the VAHAN service to get the vehicle’s details using the number plate. 

1. Hit And Run Case

Hit And Run - A Common Situation When You'd Need To Track Vehicle Number, Owner Name, Location, Address, RTO Registration Number

Tracking the owner of a vehicle in a hit-and-run case can be pretty tricky by just using the vehicle’s characteristics. So, by using the registration number, you can get the details of the owner of the car on VAHAN. 

2. Accident

Accident - Another Situation When You'd Need To Track Vehicle Number, Owner Name, Location, Address, RTO Registration Number

In case of an accident where your vehicle suffers severe damage, and if there is a dispute between the other person and you, you can quickly locate the owner using the registration number on the VAHAN website. 

3. Buying A Used Vehicle

Before buying a second-hand vehicle from a person you can, you can run a check on the vehicle’s data and the owner using the VAHAN service. 

By doing this, you can be sure if the car and owner are authentic or not.

4. No Objection Certificate

RTOs from over the country can access your vehicle’s data using the VAHAN service’s centralized system. Thus, you need not deliver a NOC for your car.

What Else Can VAHAN Be Used For?

Technology has always made our lives convenient and easier to accomplish something quickly. So is VAHAN, which has not only stopped the usage of illegal activities but has also been helpful in several ways.

The most significant advantage of using the VAHAN service is that all the details of a vehicle and the owner is available in a single place and can be accessed from anywhere. 

Also, the vehicle owners need not carry their documents as we did before. So, if we have forgotten our papers at home, then we can provide all the details using the VAHAN service, where they can check the necessary information they need. 

Another advantage is that it removes the compulsory requirement of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) when moving from state to state. This is because all DTOs and RTOs can document the details of all vehicles within seconds. 

The vehicle’s registered office and registration status are easy to track.

How To Find Vehicle Registration Details With Just One Tap?

The Car Info Vehicle Registration app helps you find the vehicle’s details in just one tap. The app can discover the information of cars being recorded with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) all over India. All the data on the application is obtained from public documents. 

However, the availability of the chassis and engine number might be an issue for a few. All you need to do is to enter the vehicle registration number, and the application will provide you with the owner’s name, chassis/engine number, manufactured date, name, body type, fuel type, model, and the vehicle’s color. 

The application is available for iOS and Android mobile phones. When you open the application, you must enter the registration number, and the needed details will appear. 

You can also share the vehicle details from the app using the share button. Additionally, it can be used to get information about second-hand vehicles that are available for sale. 


Here you go. I hope this article has helped you understand more about the VAHAN service and its uses in finding information about a vehicle by just using the vehicle registration number. 

Always make sure that the details obtained using the VAHAN service need to be used only for authorized purposes and should not be misused.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Does VAHAN Gather Information About Vehicles?

Ans: VAHAN collects all the details from the National Motor Vehicles Register regarding a vehicle. The National Register obtains all the information from the State Registers, who gather the details from the DTOs and RTOs.

2. Can We Find The Home Address Of The Vehicle’s Owner Using VAHAN? 

Ans: No, it is not possible to find the house address of the vehicle’s owner. This is done to protect the privacy of the citizens.

3. Is VAHAN Safe To Use?

Ans: Yes, the VAHAN service is safe to use and will also not take any of your personal information as the government of India provides it.

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