How To Find Someone’s IP Address On Roblox – 4 Ways


Do you want to know how to find someone’s IP address on Roblox? Here is the answer and different ways to do so. If you don’t want anyone to track yours, I’ve also discussed that. 

How To Find Someone's IP Address On Roblox

Roblox has been on the rise since the pandemic. The platform allows its users to have fun and associate with their fellow gamers. So, users usually like to communicate in a friendly way with other users during the games or even when not playing games. 

However, a few rogue individuals do not utilize the app for what it is intended. You may also come across these people when using the platform. In these cases, you might want to push them as far as possible. Even if you block them, they can bother you by making a new account.

So, you can block their IP address, but Roblox will not reveal their users’ IP addresses, and you will have to find it on your own.

In this article, I will explain how to find someone’s IP address on Roblox, which might come in handy when you are looking to block a person on the Roblox app.

So, let’s start without any further ado. 

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Roblox?

Here are a few ways that you can use to find someone’s IP address on Roblox.

1. Through Any IP Logger – Grabify

How To Find Someone's IP Address On Roblox - Using Grabify
Credits: Medium

Just follow the down given steps to find the IP address using the IP logger:  

  • Get the URL of a web page that the user would enjoy. This will attract the user to open the page so you can obtain their IP address.
  • On Grabify, enter the URL on the form and click ‘Create URL’ so Grabify can track the code.
On Grabify, enter the URL on the form and click ‘Create URL’ so Grabify can track the code.
  • This tracking code will help you to find the IP address, and the shortened URL will take the users to the web page.
  • Then, open Roblox and paste the shortened URL for the user to click. 
  • When the user opens the URL, Grabify will obtain their IP address. 
  • To know the IP address, visit Grabify and enter the tracking code.
  • The shortened URL proposals will arise, and with each, you can view its location, Operating System, IP address, user agent, etc.

Roblox provides the coding of the game where you can see the user’s IP address who joins your game. But for this, you need to know JavaScript. If you do not know, you can follow the steps given below. 

Roblox Studio
Credits: Twitch
  • From the index given on the right side, select the ‘Workspace’ option.
  • On the ‘Script,’ enter the code to get the IP. Paste the below-given code on the folder and save it.
game.ChildAdded: connect(function(child) {

        if (child: IsA(“NetworkServer”))  {

           .then (child.IncommingConnection: connect(function(IP, replicator) {

       “StringValue”, workspace).Name = IP print( end) end


  • Now host the game and invite the person to play the game.
  • When the person enters the game server, their IP address will be visible on your screen.

2. Through Roblox Studio Script 

You can trace down the individual’s IP using your account on Roblox. It is not difficult, and the platform’s openness permits you to view anyone’s IP address. Follow the instructions mentioned down to get the IP address.

  • Install Roblox Studio

Install Roblox Studio on your laptop. You can click on this link to install the app after installing and launching it on your laptop.

  • Log In

Then, log in to your existing account or create a new account if you are using it for the first time. An account is necessary as you will host the game for the other players to join. Enter your ID and password and move to your account.

  • Open the Code

In this step, you will be working on the game code. First, click on the “Workplace” button on the right side menu. In that, you can move to the settings. Here, open the folder named “Script.” Now, you can view a string of code of the game.

  • Modify the Code

When you open the code, modify it to your choice. For instance, you can register all the player’s IP addresses. When entering your required code, make sure not to change the lines – merely copy-paste them onto the code box, and they will do their work.

  • Save Changes

After entering the code, leave the Script by saving all your changes. If not, the game will not keep the newly entered code strings, and you will not obtain their IPs.

  • Host a Game

Now, host a game within your server. When you are the host, you can collect all the IP addresses of the players who join. So, figuring out the IP of a particular user will not be an issue. The IPs of players will emerge as text as they enter the game.

3. Through Command Prompt 

Command Prompt
Credits: Lifewire

Command Prompt is an extremely helpful tool that will implant into your OS. Most versions of Windows systems have it pre-installed. Your computer will read all the incoming IP and seize it, hence the name.

  • Close all apps

Before starting to track using Command Prompt, ensure that you close all the other apps. As it might be difficult for it to track the user’s IP when many IPs are being connected to your PC.

  • Open Roblox

Now, open the Roblox app to track the person. By doing this, you can chase all the IPs from the Roblox app using Command Prompt.

  • Open Command Prompt

Then, open Command Prompt on the start menu in the lower-left corner of your screen. Launch Command Prompt on your Windows. 

  • Copy the User ID

Again, go to the Roblox account and locate the person you need to track the IP address. Copy their ID as you will require it to trace their IP via Command Prompt.

  • Enter the Command

When you have obtained the user ID, open Command Prompt and follow the next steps:

  • Enter “clx”
  • Enter “tracert” and put in the user ID
  • Copy the IP address.

You can also use the Roblox IP puller to know someone’s IP address on Roblox. 

4. Through Roblox IP Puller

Using the Roblox IP Puller, you can easily get the IP from the Roblox app. Just follow the below-given steps to track the IP address

  • Install Roblox IP Puller

Install the Roblox IP Puller, select the “Code” button, and pick “Download ZIP.” Unload the app onto your laptop and launch it. The folder will have all the app files. You can discover the launch button and click on it.

  • Join a Roblox Game

To obtain the user ID, you will require to enter a Roblox server. You will also have to host a game and invite other players in.

  • Get the IP

Next to the user name, click “Get Server IP,” and a pop-up window will appear with the IP. Copy the IP address to use as you need. 

What Can Someone Do With Your IP Address?

What Can Someone Do With Your IP Address?

Your IP address identifies you when you are online. To send and receive data on your laptop or mobile phone, you will require one. Specifically, since it is extremely helpful, your IP address is a worthwhile piece of data.

The possibilities for someone to do with it vary from little inconveniences to complete cyberattacks and maybe even other in-person attacks.

  • Advertisers track your IP address and transmit the IP address to targeted ads websites obtained from your browsing history. 
  • The IP address reveals your location, so people may poke around online and discover your real address. 
  • With your IP address, a few services restrict your access to certain services with your geolocation. 
  • Game administrators can prevent you from playing the game if they are unhappy and ban you from the match by blocklisting your IP address on the site.
  • With your IP address, a person can run a Denial of Service(DoS) seizure which will stop you from opening network resources and disabling your laptop with online traffic.
  • Hackers with your IP address can use it as a phishing attack to test and persuade the ISP to turn over the PII it holds on you. 
  • A professional hacker can utilize your IP address to mimic you online, instead of their own and frame you for making national security threats.
  • Some steal your IP address and trade it on the dark web rather than looking to cash in by imitating you
  • Not all are looking to find your IP address for criminal purposes, a few will want to track your activities which is an attack on your privacy.
  • When looking up copyright-related issues associated with television shows, music, and films, people can use their IP address to escape the problem. 

How To Stop Someone IP Tracking You On Roblox?

How To Stop Someone IP Tracking You On Roblox?

Now that you know that anyone can trace your IP address on the Roblox app, here are a few tips on how to stop people from tracking your IP address on the Roblox app. 

Occasional hackers use your IP address on other mediums to bombard your web or remotely join a laptop that is not assured. 

Therefore, you also have to guard yourself against others so that other Roblox users cannot obtain your IP address. Hide your IP address from other users simply using a proxy server or VPN.


So, here you go. Tracking an IP on the Roblox app is very effortless. Many online apps enable you to copy the coded link and track them. A few specific IP grabbers are specially designed for Roblox, like the one mentioned above. 

I hope this article will help you obtain the IP address of the particular person on the Roblox app. You can either make use of the IP Puller or the Command Prompt or even try to change your Roblox Studio script to get the IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Someone Get Your IP From Roblox?

No, you can not simply obtain a person’s IP address from Roblox. You will have to find other methods to find the IP address. 

How To Find Someone’s IP Address On Roblox?

Here are a few ways that you can follow to find someone’s IP address on Roblox.   
Through An IP Logger
Through Roblox Studio Script 
Via The Command Prompt 
Through Roblox IP Puller

All these methods to find someone’s IP address On Roblox are discussed in detail above. 

Can You Track Someone From Roblox?

No, you can not track someone from Roblox via regular interaction during the game. Roblox utilizes a client-server illustration for their network programming, and that represents clients who do not speak directly, which indicates that the IP address is not in contact. 

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a gaming app that enables users to play various games and chat with other online users. It also allows people to create games. It incorporates gaming, social commerce, and social media. 

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