How To Know If Someone Blocked You From Sending Text Messages 


Are you wondering how to know if someone blocked you from sending text messages? If so, there can be various reasons behind this action and how to cross-check the same. 

Texting has evolved to be the most universal as it is excellent for fast and easy-to-do transmission. It does not need you to wait on what you are doing, unlike making phone calls, 

Of course, there are circumstances where you might be blocked by your contact when they stop responding to your calls. However, can you find out if a person has blocked you from just texting them?

In this article, I will explain the signs that indicate if a person has blocked you from sending them messages or not. I will also explain the different apps that you can use to message your contact if they have blocked you. 

So, let’s start without any further ado. 

Can You Know If Someone Blocked You From Sending Text Messages?

No, if you are using the normal SMS app on your mobile phone, you will not receive a signal saying that you have been blocked. In this digital age, few apps send you a notification saying, “You are blocked.” 

However, there are a few signs which can identify if the sender has blocked you or not. Always remember that blocking a mobile phone number operates identically to keep your mobile phone number altered or disconnected. 

Maybe your friend or any contact might have updated their phone number and failed to let you know. Again, it is not likely to just block only messages without blocking phone calls. 

If you can contact a person while your texts are ‘Undelivered,’ there might be various other issues, and the good news is that they did not block your phone number. 

How To Know If Someone Blocked You From Sending Text Messages?

There are a few signs that show if someone blocked you from sending text messages. Let us discuss the signs of being blocked.

The Events Of The Final Conversation Between You And Your Contact

This might be apparent. However, if your contact has stated something similar to “I am blocking you!” and you are currently unable to contact them to reply to your messages, you have likely been blocked.

You Can’t View Their Social Media Accounts

Check their social media accounts; if you cannot discover their profile on any social media platforms, then you have been blocked. When a person blocks you, they might probably also block you on all other mediums of contact

Get Through By Utilizing A Different Phone Number

Attempt contacting the person using another phone number. If there is an error notification, the phone number you are typing to reach may be disconnected. But, if the call goes, then it means that they have blocked your phone number.

The Read Receipts 

This performs well for new Androids and iPhone users. Accepting the fact that the person has turned on the read receipts, you can decide if you are blocked.

There are plenty of reasons to imagine that a person has blocked your texts when you are not getting through. Starting with the signs mentioned above is the best way to solve this.

Since your contact has blocked you from sending text messages, why not make use of third-party applications to keep the conversation going? Not sure which app to try? Read on. 

10 Best Texting And SMS Apps – Send Unlimited Texts

Here are a few of the best messaging apps that are available. This margin has not varied much in the last few years, and many of them are the most useful even though they are not the most recent. 

Let’s dive in to know more about the apps.

1. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is one of the first third-party messaging apps that has been around for a very long time. From its launch, it has grown into an app that adopts Material Design while including many features. 

A few of its features include SMS blocking, emojis, quick replies in notifications, group messaging, and MMS. You can also prevent a message mid-send if needed. 

It has Pushbullet support and Wear OS, which makes it function nicely when linked to Windows or Android Auto. You will probably like to purchase the advertisement as it is sort of irritating, while the messaging component functions sufficiently.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook has a huge number of users, and you may want to save this one as you have loved this one, and you simply would not want to swap to something finer. 

If you are having it, then you can enable its messaging support, which you can sort of use for two options. It comes with a pleasing SMS integration that helps in avoiding any huge issues.

Furthermore, this might be the situation where you will likely have to maintain this to contact loved ones; thus, adding SMS assistance sort of provides slightly more meaning. 

3. Google Messages

Google Messages

Google Messages, previously known as Android Messages, is a free messaging app that keeps it light in terms of features. The app has only a little amount of theming choices, a few communities, a proper search functionality, and a backup feature.

Its design is completely Material Design which suggests it looks fine and it is very easy to operate. The app also assists RCS texting. However, it is not that great, while it is an opening for RCS lovers. 

The app also comes with a web version for messing up your contact on your laptop. But, it is a relatively sizable battery drain which is kind of a hit-or-miss functionality.

4. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent has also been around for a very long time, along with Chomp SMS. Both the third-party texting apps that were the first ones that are good and popular for Android. 

Similar to Chomp SMS, Handcent is a strong and serious messaging app that comes with plenty of features. A few features include themes, SMS backup, a privacy tab to hold personal conversations, emojis, eCards, and much more. 

The most attractive feature is Handcent Anywhere. This feature enables you to message using your laptop or tablet. It has had its issues when it comes to bugs, but still pretty stable. A subscription model is also available, this is needed only if you plan to back up all your text using Handcent.

5. Link to Windows

Link to Windows

The Link to Windows platform is not an SMS app, however, it is the most effective and free SMS app available. The app allows you to link your mobile phone to your Windows PC and transmit messages from your PC. 

This solution is free, it can be done using Wi-Fi or cellular data, and also performs rather nicely when you get going. The only issue faced is when the Bluetooth calling-over features are involved, but the messaging part works well. 

Also the syncing also involves a few issues, but this can be fixed by rebooting the computer or your phone. 

6. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS - How To Know If Someone Blocked You From Sending Text Messages

Pulse SMS is like any normal SMS app but there is even a back end that will help you in messaging from your computer, phone, or tablet. Also, it supports dual-sim options, message backup, blacklisting phone numbers, and much more. 

The messaging app portion is totally free and people who need to message from PCs, tablets, etc can either pay $0.99 for a month or a lifetime cost of $10.99. You only need to spend if you like to send messages from other devices, such as your PC, or when you want to back up your text online.


How To Know If Someone Blocked You From Sending Text Messages

QKSMS is the simplest and basic SMS app. It has an open-source which is always nice to use. Also, the app has a lot of features, a few of them include privacy functionalities like Android Wear support, a deny list, and also awesome accessibility components. 

The usage of the app is simple, but its clarity is valued regarding how serious some messaging apps can bring. It is completely free with no advertisement and there are a few optional in-app buys as offerings as well.

8. Signal Private Messenger


This app is more like Facebook Messenger, the only distinction between the two is that Signal private messenger features end-to-end encryption. This makes it a choice for many individuals who appreciate security. 

It operates on a phone number design and if your contact does not contain the app then it just sends a normal SMS text, which is very seamless. With its Material Design, it is to use and requires no in-app buys. 

It is even open-source, makes phone calls, and also supports group chats. It serves the exact sort of function as Facebook Messenger in which you can acquire online messaging and SMS support.

9. Textra SMS

Textra SMS

Textra is the most solid app with a highly stylish interface. It includes a theme picker in which you can select the colors for yourself. Floating notifications, a dark mode, delayed sending, and a swipe to delete, are a few of its notable features.

It has direct support for Pushbullet, Android Wear, MightyText, and a few others. Most all the features can be used for free. To open the pro version you will have to make a single in-app buy for $2.99.

10. Yaata SMS


YAATA SMS is an er cent one with a lot of features, which include a group chat support, complete MMS support, and scheduled message sending. If you purchase the premium model, you can also acquire SMS blacklisting, auto-forwarding, and an auto-responder.

It also comes with the capability to back up or restore your settings on a fresh device. The Material Design used makes its interface look particularly good. Widgets are also provided, and it actually includes chat heads identical to Facebook Messenger. A few bugs are present, however many of them are not severe.

How To Block Texts On iOS And Android?

How To Block Texts On iOS And Android?

Blocking a person’s phone number on your mobile phone will stop the person from calling you or sending you messages. You also would not be informed when they leave you a voicemail. 

Blocking works the same for third-party texting apps. Most people have a general view of how blocking works, to allow them to utilize it more properly I have mentioned the steps you can follow to block a person on your phone.

On iOS, follow these steps to block a number. 

  • Open the Messages app.
  • Click on the conversation of the contact you like to block.
  • On the top, you will find an info (i) button.
  • Click on it and scroll down.
  • Now, select the Block this Caller option.

On Android, follow these steps to block a number. 

  • Open the Messages app.
  • Long press the conversation of the contact you like to block.
  • Click on the Block option and confirm your action. 

If you wish to unblock the contact later then you can look for the contact’s name in the Spam & blocked section in the settings app.


Here you go, peeps. Hope this article helps in finding if a person has blocked you or not by using the signs mentioned above. Also, you can also block a person on your phone if you find them annoying.  

There are many third-party messaging apps that I have mentioned above and you can use them to contact a person if they have blocked your number on their phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Blocking A Number Also Block Texts? 

On iPhone, blocking will block all the in-built means of contact. On Android blocking a phone number will only clock only the calls and messages. 

How do you know if someone blocked your text messages on Android?

You can guess you have been blocked by a person if any of your texts are not being delivered. You can try texting another person to make sure it is not a connection issue.

Will SMS be delivered if blocked?

No SMS will not be delivered to the person who has blocked you. Blocked texts are usually stored in the blocked or spam folder which is a different file that cannot be opened.

How to know if someone blocked your number on Android? 

To know if a person has blocked your phone number on android first, try sending a message from your phone to see if they reply. 
If they do then you can try calling them from another phone to check if they have blocked your phone number or not. 

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