How To Recover A Deleted Call Recording? Top 2 Methods


Whatever be the reason, you may have recorded your conversation with others. What if they get deleted? Here’s how to recover a deleted call recording in a few simple steps. 

When your call recordings are deleted from your devices, they are only marked as “removed” from your device. They’re not permanently deleted. So, it’s possible to retrieve those deleted call recordings. 

These call recordings are stored in your device’s internal memory or as a compressor file in your external memory card. Thus, all you need is a recovery tool to get back these deleted call recordings. Or you can also back up your call recording files to avoid these experiences. This is something I stress upon. 

In this article, I have explained the common reasons why you lose your call recordings. Plus, how to recover a deleted call recording using easy-to-use methods. So, let’s start. 

6 Common Reasons Why You Lose Your Call Recordings

There are various reasons why your call recordings can get deleted. At times, it can be done intentionally by you. If not, there are a few other situations due to which you can lose them. 

Below I have highlighted a few of those common situations that cause the loss of these call recordings. 

1. Malicious Apps

Malicious Apps
Malicious Apps

Downloading apps that are inauthentic from the Play Store will cause corruption in the data stored on your phone. These malicious apps send out viruses on your phone. And might delete all the call recordings that are stored in it.  

2. Factory Reset

You might want to factory reset your phone so that you can get rid of all the troubleshooting issues that occur on your phone. But by doing this, there are chances that you might lose all your call recordings saved on your phone.

3. Viruses or Malware

Viruses or Malware
Viruses or Malware

When you download any malicious app files onto your app, then, you are likely to get a virus on your phone. These viruses can steal and destroy all your call recordings that are on your phone.

4. Incomplete Files Transfer

While transferring your call recordings to another device or a hard drive, always make sure that there is an adequate battery on your phone. If your phone battery goes out while transferring your files, then you might lose out on those files as they might not get transferred.

5. Formatting Your Phone 

When you format your phone, it clears all your call recordings and will set your phone to the default state. It will delete all your internal memory and some entries that were also made in the ROM.

6. Software Update

Software Update
Software Update

A software update will not delete all the data on your phone. However, you might lose some of your data that is stored on the phone if the update is halted because of the phone’s battery or because of an error that failed to update the phone’s software.

Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Call Recordings 

Yes, it is possible to recover your deleted call recordings that were saved on your device’s internal storage by using third-party recovery software or if you have backed up your data. 

To recover your call recordings that were stored in your internal data, you will have to use third-party software. To do this, you will have to root your phone, but most Android phones do not support rooting

You can also get your call recordings back by using the cloud or Google Drive backup service that is available on your phone. You will be able to access all your deleted call recordings hassle-free when stored on the cloud. 

If you have saved your call recording on an external memory card, then, you can use data recovery software to revive your call recordings. When the files in the external memory card are deleted they are only compressed and not deleted permanently so you only need the right software to recover them.

How to Recover Deleted Call Recordings? Top 2 Methods 

Check the following two methods to recover deleted call recordings on your phone

1. Data Recovery Software 

You can use ant reliable data recovery software to recover your deleted call recordings. But make sure that your data was stored in an external memory card because if it is stored on the internal memory, then you will have to root your device.

When you use data recovery software, it scans all your data and restores your call recordings quickly even if you have saved them on a call recorder app. These recovery software also gives a preview of the files and will let you choose the files that you want to recover. While doing this, make sure that your phone or device is connected properly to the computer via a USB cable. 

Here is the step-by-step process on how you can use the Dr.Fone data recovery software.

How to recover a deleted call recording?
Dr.Fone – Data Recovery Tool
  • First, download the software and install it on your computer.
  • When you open the software, click on the green-colored box that states “Data Recovery.”
Click on Data Recovery
Click on Data Recovery
  • Select “Audio” from the “Select the type of files you want to recover” section.
Select “Audio” from the “Select the type of files you want to recover” section.
Select “Audio” from the “Select the type of files you want to recover” section.
  • Select the “Scan for deleted files” options that appear in the pop-up box.
  • The app will give you a preview of all the deleted files and you can choose the files that you want to recover. 
Select your required audio file
Select your required audio file
  • Once you have selected the audio files that you want to retrieve from the deleted files tap on the “Recover” button.

2. Recover Deleted Call Recordings From Backup 

If you have enabled Google Drive backup on your phone, then you can easily recover all your deleted call recordings. You can download the deleted call recording files from the google drive back up by following the steps given below.

  • First, open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Then, select Google and click on the “Backup” button
  • Tap the “Backup Now” button.

Your call recordings will get automatically backed up once you have clicked on the Backup Now button. Further, all your future call recordings will also be stored in the Google backup. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to recover deleted audio recordings from an Android phone?

Ans: You can either use a third-party recovery software or back up your data on the cloud or google drive to recover your deleted audio recordings from an Android phone.

2. How to recover a deleted call recording?

Ans: Dr.Fone data recovery software is one of the best call recovery tools that help you with the recovery of your call recording in a very simple and easier way, within a short period.

3. Do the voice recording files get deleted? 

Ans: No, the files do not get deleted permanently. The deleted files will only be labeled as removed from the device. But don’t store any other data as there are chances for it to replace your old data.


When you lose your call recordings, you don’t have to worry about it because they can be easily recovered by following the above-mentioned methods.

To be on the safer side, I recommend backing up your call recordings and other important data on the cloud. This way, you can access them from any device whenever you want and also recover them even if they were deleted intentionally or by any malware function on the phone. 

I hope this article will help you to learn how to recover a deleted call recording from your phone without any issues in no time. 

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