How To View Private Instagram Profiles (2022)


Instagram is another wildly popular social media platform that boasts over a billion active users globally. With its intuitive user interface and an array of features, it’s the first choice of creators for sharing eye-catching content like stories, reels, videos, and pictures with others online to get maximum exposure. 

How To View Private Instagram Profiles

Although many content creators over Instagram love showcasing their content to the world for good reasons, others prefer keeping them private. In other words, some creators keep their accounts in a private mode which restricts any random individual from viewing what they have uploaded. 

Hence, Instagram offers two types of accounts to its users – public and private. While the former account is for public use, the latter is meant for personal use. 

When you join Instagram, your account is set to the public mode by default. That is, anyone on the platform can follow you and view your content. However, you can switch to the private mode from the settings to restrict any random individual from following you or viewing your content. To do so, the individual must send you the following request. Only upon your acceptance of the request, the person can browse through your profile. 

Now, the question is:

Is it mandatory to send a follow request to view a private Instagram account?

The simple answer is NO! 

If you’re wondering how to view private Instagram profiles without actually following the creator, here are some simple tricks. 

How To View Private Instagram Profiles On iPhone & Android

There are numerous ways to access any private Instagram account without even being on its followers’ list. The top five ways among those are discussed below. So, let’s dive straight into this. 

1. Create a fake IG account

Before getting to this method, note that creating a fake Instagram account is against the platform’s policies. Hence, try it at your own risk. 

Anyone can have multiple accounts over Instagram, and so does you. Hence, why not create a fake or secondary account?  

To create one, follow the following tips for quick success. 

  • While creating another account, make sure to keep on a girl’s name as studies show a faster response on accounts with a girl’s name than a boy’s. 
  • Instead of uploading any actress’s picture on the profile, upload a real girl’s photo for more authenticity.  
  • The person to whom you will send the following request might browse your profile as well before acting upon your request. Hence, it’s advised to upload at least 5-6 eye-catching photos or any other content on your profile. 
  • You can also try setting your fake account to private to generate curiosity in the other person. 
  • Once the above steps are done, you’re all set to drop a follow request to the intended person and wait for any action on your request. 

Note that the intended person can accept and reject your request. In the latter case, you can also send a direct message explaining who you are and why you want to follow them. 

2. Take help from Google

If you haven’t got any response through the above method, it’s better to try this method that generally yields great results. Here, you need to try looking them out on Google or any other search engine. 

To proceed, open your preferred browser (preferably Google) and enter the person’s name with a private account on Instagram in the search bar. It’s worth noting since Google or any browser stores the old posts of the creator in a library that were uploaded on their public account, you can access that library of old posts under the image section of the browser. 

Once you have spotted any of the concerned person’s images, click on the same to access a fairly large collection of that person’s public posts and profile pictures.

The best advantage of trying out this method is its high success rate. 

3. Use Another social media platform

Today, every individual owns an account on more than two social networks. In the case of the person whose IG account you wish to insinuate is active on other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or Snapchat, you can find him there instead of working out excessively on Instagram. 

To do so, head to the person’s Instagram bio to get their full name which will come in handy while searching for them over other networks. 

4. Take help from your and the concerned person’s mutual friends

Do you and the other person with the private have any friends in common on Instagram? In the case your friend is following the latter unlike you, you can just ask them to check out the account that is private to you, save, and forward the person’s posts to you in the DM. 

5. Use any third-party Instagram private profile viewer application/site

Today, there are numerous third-party Instagram private account viewing applications and websites on the net. They are not only free to use but legal as well (as they claim!). Out of the several options, below are the best three options I deem worth trying out personally. 

1. InstaLooker

A popular Instagram private account viewer, InstaLooker lets you spy on any private account within seconds. Not only it’s easy to use and legal, but it’s also safe and secure. Furthermore, you need not download any additional software to use InstaLooker. 

If you want to know how to view private Instagram profiles using InstaLooker, follow these steps. 

  1. Click on to land on the webpage. 
  2. Click on the “Spy Now” option on the webpage and a new window will appear with an inbox on your screen.
  3. Type the username of the private account you want to spy on.
  4. Click on the “Start Viewer” option.
  5. The website will present the results on your screen.

2. IGLookup

Just like InstaLooker, IGLookup is another versatile tool to spy on any private Instagram account without the knowledge of the account owner. It’s both safe and secure to use. The best thing about the tool is that it’s legal as well. 

Follow these steps to use IGLookup. 

  1. Click on to reach the website.
  2. On the main page, click on the “Spy Now” option. 
  3. Type the username of the private account you want to spy on. 
  4. The site will view all details of the account within seconds. 

3. InjectBox

InjectBox is another wildly popular private Instagram account viewer that works on all account types. It is completely legal and safer to use. 

To use InjectBox, follow the given steps. 

  1. Head to and scroll down until you discover the “Private Instagram Viewer” option. 
  2. Click on it and enter the username of the private Instagram account you wish to spy on. Click on the “Confirm Username” button.
  3. The software will ask you what you’d like to do such as – view photos, followers’ lists, or unlock the profile. 
  4. Select any of these options to proceed further. 
  5. Suppose you clicked on the “Unlock profile” option. It will ask you to fill out a CAPTCHA.
  6. After filling the CAPTCHA, return to Instagram and refresh the profile page. It should be in the public mode now.

Since the account is in the public mode for you, you can now access its content without letting its owner know the same. 

4. PrivateInsta

PrivateInsta is one of the best private Instagram account viewers that work seamlessly on a range of platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, and OSX. It is easy to use, legal, and secure. 

Here’s how to view private Instagram profiles on Android & iOS using PrivateInsta. 

  1. Head to
  2. On the homepage, enter the username of the private account you wish to spy on.
  3. Click on “View Private Profile”.
  4. The site will view all details of the account within seconds. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I view private Instagram profiles online?

Yes, you can easily view any private Instagram account online using any of the available mobile or web private viewer tools including the above options. All such tools are easy to use, safe, legal, and free from any complications for you and the owner as well. 

2. Are online private account viewers legal to use?

Yes, the majority of the online tools for browsing private accounts are legal to use. However, you must still investigate before using one. 

3. What are the major online private Instagram account viewing software?

The major online private Instagram account viewing software include InstaLooker, IGLookup, PrivateInsta, InstaRipper, InstaDPS, Instagram Private Profile Viewer, and so on


Most content creators over Instagram prefer to keep their accounts private for good reasons. For instance, to keep random visitors from peeking into their profile and indulging in malpractices, preventing strangers from using the content, etc. If you don’t have such intentions and just want to glance through their posts, you can go ahead and visit their private account. 

For this, the best way is to send the owner the following request. If it gets approved, the better. In the case it doesn’t, you can resort to the above methods to browse the private account, legally. 

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